View Full Version : Mini-Z Wheel Offset Chart

2004.10.29, 04:18 PM
i've cribbed this chart (http://www.mr02.com/miniz-stuff/mr01rims.htm) from another thread to place in the FAQ. I'll try to get the chart from tagu added as well.

2004.11.03, 10:58 AM
i was able to create a pdf of the offset chart available on the website tagu wheels are sold, wildracing i think.

it will be attached as a pdf.

2004.12.05, 09:55 AM
It looks like kyosho finally listened and created an offset chart! it only took a couple years but hey, it's the official list of just about everything!

2005.01.16, 10:08 PM
i just received my Merc SLR Autoscale and it inlcuded a new mr-02 wheel size/offset chart so here it is!

well, it didn't come out to well via pdf, i've uploaded the info to the parts in use album here (http://www2.mini-zracer.com/albums/album134/mr_02_vol_2.jpg)

2005.02.12, 02:20 PM
here are the recent updates

Parts Information (http://www2.mini-zracer.com/gallery/album570)