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2004.11.02, 05:41 PM
My mom asked me the other day and all I could think of is Gran Tourismo 4; which should be out early December. BUT since GT4 has been pushed back a dozen times in the past 2 years, what should I ask Santa for instead? I thought about a Mini T; I could make a kickin dirt track in the back yard.

What do ya'll think?

And Fred; don't you have a Mini T?

2004.11.02, 05:43 PM
I've got a mini-t and its almost as fun as my overland :D

2004.11.02, 05:52 PM
So which would be better suited for an open dirt track with jumps and stuff? MZ Monster or Mini T?

2004.11.02, 05:56 PM
back to the size issue...my mini-t can run on the 1/10 tracs and still be fun...if you can make a decent sized track in your backyard a mini t would be an awesome time...throw a brushless motor and wooooo hooooo...hold on

2004.11.02, 06:12 PM
Yeah I've got plenty of room. I'm talking banked curves against trees and stuff. :D I looked at a MZ Monster in the galleries and I don't like the solid axles; I like the 4-wheel independant suspension in the Mini T. That's the way I'll go. :cool:

2004.11.02, 06:17 PM
MZM is a bit small for a serious off road course...why not go 1/10?

2004.11.02, 06:40 PM
Mini T's are 1/18, right? I like the smaller scale; they just seem less complicated to me. That and money. 1/10's are gonna be a lot higher priced. I dunno; we'll see what Santa brings me. :D

2004.11.02, 06:48 PM
i'm thinking m18t ;) i doubt they will be out in time though

2004.11.02, 06:51 PM
What's that?

2004.11.02, 08:06 PM
get a TC3 :D then we could drift together :D

2004.11.02, 08:14 PM
What do I want? well the only thing on my mind is about $2000 or so to get my self to England to visit some one special ;) muahahah...

Sigh... lol Guess I shoulda been more greedy with my prices in the past so i actualy made money instead of breaking even all the time lol lol lol...

hmm theres about 1000 members on here, if every one sent me.. a buck.. lol kidding!!! LOL

I'll send you a buck but you gotta pick up the cost of the stamp. :D

2004.11.02, 08:23 PM
What's that?
xray (http://www.teamxray.com/teamxray/m_intro.php?Xnet_Session=051b674349aa40b1cb9bdc109 f5296c3) 1/18 stadium trucl/monster truck. shaft driven 4wd!

2004.11.02, 08:25 PM
Remember...get what your LHS has spare parts for. No one wants to be out of commission for a week or two for parts to come by mail.

I got the mini-t and like it...of I redid it I might go with the x-ray or associated but the differences arent enough for me to redo the whole 1/18th truck thing...

2004.11.02, 11:24 PM
i want to get the X ray 18T monster, but the site said that you must first purchase a kit(which is not a monster truck, stadium truck i think) then get the monster wheels, tires, extra 4 oil shocks, body etc to convert it to a monster.

that will make it very expensive, maybe double the price of a miniQuake.

2004.11.03, 12:16 AM
I want something that I can seal up and put some nice big tires with spikes on and create a hard-packed snow track in my back yard and run on that!! That would be sweet... I bet that you could do it with a gas powered 1/10 buggy or something... anyone have any ideas what it would cost to get something that would do that... i'm thinking cheap but i'd love to hear the prices.

2004.11.03, 12:54 AM
I own a mini-T. I bought a 7 and 8 cell pack from blindbatts and I replaced the motor with a Graupner 300. Battery pack is around 20 $, motor around 10$ ... and, big fun! I prefer mini-z, because it surely is good racing, but in summer, we're always out with the mini-T.

the m18T is a good option (4x4) and also Asso is comming with some 4x4 mini truck. I doubt though that the 4x4 car will be quicker due to more friction and overall weight.

Mini-T surely is a good thing, and I think they are more fun than monster and overland.

Hope you can make up your mind! Good luck!

Ken Mifune
2004.11.03, 01:22 AM
...I doubt though that the 4x4 car will be quicker due to more friction and overall weight...I dunno... The stock Associated 18T at iHobbyExpo looked really quick and had loads of control and their quality is always top notch. Plus with the rising popularity of LiPos and brushless setups, 4WD might be the way to go. My top 1/18 truck picks are the XRay and Associated. They're both shaft drive btw. It'll be interesting to see HPI's 4WD answer.

2004.11.03, 11:01 AM
I want Halo 2. And a team associated rc18t stadium truck. Its like the minit but shaft driven 4wd.

2004.11.05, 04:45 PM
Nuts to Halo 2. Gran Tourismo 4 will be out in a few weeks. :cool: If I get that, I won't care to have a Mini T or my broken Z or anything else. :D

2004.11.05, 05:21 PM
you broke again Eric?

2004.11.05, 10:54 PM
Wouldn't have it any other way. :D

2004.11.11, 09:55 PM
What about a very cheap 4WD electric off the bay? The price is right; for something I'm gonna beat into the ground anyway. :D 5932528202

2004.11.11, 10:04 PM
i wouldnt even bother with that eric, you would be better off going and buying a New Bright from Wal-Mart :D

2004.11.11, 10:12 PM
D'oh. :o

But from the looks of things, I could find a used 1/10th 4wd for more-or-less the same price as a new Mini T. Hmmm...

2004.11.11, 10:13 PM
yeah, do a search on the bay for TC3 and you will come up with all kinds of used/hopped up TC3's really cheap

2004.11.11, 10:23 PM
But as a rally car? Your's was fun as all get out to run on the courts, but it's too low to run in the dirt, I think.

2004.11.11, 11:24 PM
How about the Hot Bodies Minizilla??

For me it's the HB Minizilla or AE RC18T.

2004.11.12, 01:16 PM
Man the more I look around, the more I lean towards a Mini T. Bah I dunno; maybe I'll get a bare, used 4wd chassis off the bay and stick new guts in it.

2004.11.16, 10:12 PM
..that item you pulled up looks pretty funky arch...have to keep an eye on you with that one...means when we can swap stories when my RC18T gets here :)

2004.11.17, 12:07 AM
The miniz is really not a bad choice...tons of hopups...easy to find parts. I'd get the pro though and put yopur own electronics in it

2004.11.17, 05:41 AM
What about a very cheap 4WD electric off the bay? The price is right; for something I'm gonna beat into the ground anyway. :D

The real problem there is the shipping is more than the car is, $25 ouch.

2004.11.20, 03:13 PM
Ok, to answer the question, THIS is what I'm getting for Christmas! bay # 5935514735

2004.11.20, 03:41 PM
I want a lap timing system and a laptop for me and my track

2004.11.21, 07:50 PM
I want... a Mini-Z! Heh...

Perfect Hair Forever was just weird man... That old guy was freaky...

2004.11.21, 07:56 PM
I want... a Mini-Z! Heh...
How long has it been now? I hope you realize that Dansey's sold their RCP Track. And I want the Kyosho Mini-Buggy early or a Kyosho 30 Helicopter, but if someone else were buying why not the K3, 90 or a larger place for the hairy kids, the track, and me. :D

2004.11.22, 05:56 PM
[Uncle Grandfather] You must follow the path to the Z. [/Uncle Grandfather]