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2004.11.03, 05:38 PM
Fellow Z members,

I Just bought a Pro-Z off a buddy for dirt cheap. All I can say is Daaammmmm! Stats on the Z are a 2x4 fet upgrade an PN S03 motor/mount and MR-01 PCB board. The only things irritating about this car is the glitching. It gets very twitchy when it goes over 20ft. Its definately not race ready at the moment. I am not an expert but the wire connections and servo gears look fine.

I would like to get rid of the glitch. I'm thinking of replacing the MR01 PCB board with that of the MR02. Can I just unsolder and resolder the connection from the servo to the New MR02 board. My ENZO has been glitch free from the day I purchased it. If funds were available, I would go with replacing all the etectronics as pictured in the Pro-Z site.

Allas, I am currently out of job and need to stay on a strick bugget. Your comments and expertise on the matter is greatly appreciated.

Pro-Z Racing
2004.11.03, 07:39 PM

Sounds like the antenna mounting screw is touching the carbon fiber this causes glitching.

Depending what version you have the upper deck could be carbon fiber. The Speedcontrol mount is fiberglass on all versions. Mount the antenna off the Speedcontrol mount.

For testing unscrew the antenna from the upper deck. Bolt the antenna to the wire and leave it unattached. Walk 20 -25 feet away and see if it still twitches.

I have also had twitchy cars from bad potentiometer in the stock Kyosho servo.

2004.11.04, 02:21 AM
Hi Mr Z,

Thank U for taking the time in responding to my email. Got the confirmation and I do have Version 5. Per your advise, there was no problem when I walked away from the car. But did notice the glitch when i turned the wheel and gave it some gas. I will put an order out for a potentiometer. hopefully that'll fix the problem.

I do have several question for you regarding this chassis.

Will you be supplying the Mini-z shop with any spare parts? I noticed that the right side body mount was no longer intact. Looked at the shop and didn't find anything resembling the mounts.

Will it be possible for me to mount the Enzo body on this chassis?

Lastly, I really dig the setup with the sub servo and speed controller. Do you have any link showing how to install those along with the part #s needed to pimp my V5. My future upgrade will be to replace all the stock Electric...

thnx :D

2004.11.04, 04:35 PM
Sound like the motor capacitors can be the problem as well. Check if they are well mounted on the motor casing. Perhaps try to wind the motor wires as well before connecting them to the PCB ... helped on my car.

2004.11.07, 12:11 AM
Hi Gulfclk,

I checked the motor caps and indeed I was missing one. Should I upgrade to a 104 cap since I'm running an S03 motor?

BTW Folks: my Ornge Mclaren LM just arrived from Japan.The body is not as long or as wide as the Enzo. My only gripe about the Mclaren is that the front end sits high for my taste. I'm so much in favor of a lower Stance. I have now the opportunity to make a 1/28 scale copy of my Frank Muller #53 static model. I'll post pics once the projct is complete. :D