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2004.11.04, 09:51 PM
i have no idea how fast it goes....but i looks fast :D every thing is stock exept the rims, tires, turbo, motor, diff, wheel nuts...., black servo gears,and a doubled up h-plate, i still need new tie rods and knuckles :rolleyes:

Ken Mifune
2004.11.04, 10:24 PM
"every thing is stock except..." that's funny, LOL. In my mr01, everything is stock except rims, tires, FETs, motor, wheel nuts, bearings, tie rod... LOL

My mr02 actually is stock... box stock.

2004.11.04, 10:57 PM
lol, my z is making me mad :mad: i wont go in a stait line nomadder what i do :confused: i guess i have to upgrade to a mr02 :D

Ken Mifune
2004.11.04, 11:35 PM
Explain a little further. I won't go in a straight line... when?

2004.11.05, 08:51 AM
the same problem with my mr01 too,
the servo just won't center, it works fine, no glitter, no shaking,
but everytime after steering left, it tends to go a little left afterwards,
and after turning right, it leans to the right side. :confused:

Ken Mifune
2004.11.05, 09:29 AM
that sounds like a potentiometer problem unless you can hear the servo straining to center but just won't, then something is binding or sticking. Most likely it's the potentiometer moving in the case. Try shimming it on the back and sides with paper.

2004.11.05, 09:36 AM
yes, when i just sit in one spot the front wheels glitch, and they wont center. when i turn in any derection it will go the way i want then veer the the other way... :confused: i will try that this after noon

2004.11.05, 12:00 PM
The steering pots in the mr-01 are crap... i've had many problem... the effort that it takes to replace one wasn't worth my time for one of my mr-01s, so now i only have 1 working :o

2004.11.05, 01:18 PM
Have you tried to clean the pot. these things do get "carbon tracked" inside of them. I just take a drop of audio tape player cleaning fluid and touch the housing where the output shaft sticks out. It seeps in and cleans the contacts, so it reads a better signal off of it.

2004.11.05, 02:04 PM
hmm, havnt tried that, i might replace the tie rod....and the knuckles to eleminate slob in the front wheels, and work on the front of the car, and shim the servo reciever and clean all of it, thanks for all the replies :D