View Full Version : Mini-Z Monster Roller Chassis in Store?

Charlie Brown
2004.11.05, 04:28 PM
I've seen that MR02 RC chassis sets (the RC chassis without the body or controller) have been in the store at one time...I was thinking, could you guys do the same for the Mini-Z Monster, OL, and stuff like that?


2004.11.05, 04:31 PM
Rolling chassis is usually what is often also refered to as a dummy chassis... like what comes with the autoscales, just to let you know.

But, the chassis sets as you are talking about I have not seen anywhere, not just in the shop. I don't think that Kyosho has ever sold them as just a chassis set.

I think that we wont see the monster as just a chassis set until Iwaver releases its monster chassis, then we will be able to buy that independant.