View Full Version : Broke everything today

2004.11.05, 04:44 PM
Well I'm batting 1000 so far today. I got home and tested my new amp; doesn't work. It goes into protect mode as soon as it gets power. I finished my turbo install in the XMod; only to find I ran the wires too tight and I can't reassemble the car. So I have to tear it down and do it all over again. So I pulled the turbo and S04 and stuck 'em in my MZ. Now it doesn't work at all. I reckon I fried it. I took the turbo and S04 off and put the X-Speed back in and still nothing. So I pulled the cover off to look at the back of the board and the negative power wire (board to battery) fell off from both ends. It was completely unattached.

So all my toys are broken. I'm headed up to Michelle's to try to fix the EGR on my real car, here's to breakin that, too. :rolleyes:

2004.11.05, 05:59 PM
HAng in there dude.....you'll get it going. think of it as a learning process :D

2004.11.05, 10:54 PM
Yeah, that's what I call having a utility knife hit the bone in my thumb. :rolleyes: Some electrical tape and a Dora band-aid and I'm all good.

Just got home from working on the real car; I fixed the broke EGR pipe, so no more sounding like Ninja's Honda. :D I tell ya what, hardened grade 11 steel don't like to bend! :eek: BUT now the car won't hold an idle. I removed the whole throttle assembly to get better access to the EGR hookups; and now that's broke. Oh well, time to put more hard miles on Michelle's car. :D