View Full Version : Would you buy a sectional track?

2002.02.19, 10:19 PM
Not a track that works like slot car track that snaps together... but more like a more advanced set of corner markers and walls...

It would require you to already have a surface to run the car on, flat indoor out door carpet usualy works... or to buy a section of Ozite. The pieces will then be placed on the surface...

They will fit together snug, but not realy tight... for now will be made out of smooth wood... I forget what its called, not just cheap plywood, maybe some plywood for supports or someting, but so far not in the design.

I need to know how much some one might pay for this... like what the max some one might pay for a track set that would fill a floor space of about 12x12 foot... +/-

The wall to wall width is 19 inches, set up so each section curve, straight etc, is a 20x20" piece... so grid paper would make each square 20x20 inches... tracks made on Zanthrax's track maker prog would work, except I have a few more pieces then availale there.. (45 degrees curbs etc).

I am hoping to keep the price under $500 (wich is way high compared to what I am expecting it to cost)... but at this time I have not done any calculations on the cost to build it.. I want to sell it for the cost of materials, and them maybe double it for the time profit, mistake cuts, etc...

I will likely sell a standard unpainted version, and a painted version for a few bucks more... all thats painted is the corners... and some bumps.

I will also sell it in sections... so you can add to the track set as desired.

I am also crossing my fingers that my OVERPASS idea works, so far its too cumbersome.

I have seen some Mini-Z tracks out there, sell for $16,000 Canadian ;) -- wich included 2 Mini-Z's.

2002.02.22, 02:04 PM
OH stop, I cant handle all this interest ;) hahha... oh well I only wanted to make a few tracks any way...

It will be portable for the most part... I could make it realy cheap and not treat the wood or color it or just raw cuts ;).. wich I would rather sell someting so pathetic.

What would any one pay for a track set? would include extra pieces for different varients btw ;).

Picture of a 9x12 area, its a bit smaller then 9x12 foot, but its close enough. Carpet in render is much bigger then 9x12 though, its just a random square... for the render.


2002.02.23, 07:55 PM
You have peaked my interest! It is hard to put a price on it. I looked at the picture. It is a cool track. Would it be that same design or could it be done differently? I am looking for something that has both a oval or square, with a road course option. Maybe something similiar to Indianapolis motor speedway. If you not familiar with that track, it is a square, but the F1 cars only use three of the corners. with a road course of twists cutting through the middle. Indy and Nascar use it as a oval. It would be nice to have really 2 tracks then in one. How tough would it be to put in banking? Thanks.

2002.03.04, 05:59 PM
I think its pressboard or fiberboard or something like that

2002.03.04, 06:20 PM
Well the track is sectional the walls can be repossitioned.. new ones added, size changed, etc... but I am starting to think most wont buy it cuz of the price... right now its looking to be on average about $3.50 per grid square... a grid of track is 20"x20" so to find out how much track you can fit in your space youwould ahve to measure it out and see how many 20" grids you can fit... and then multiply that by about $3.50... and you will have a higher then the actual cost of the track for that space... but to re-arrange it you might want more parts... its as universal as slot car track but does not build the same way... the walls/curbs move not the track surface. If its realy big multiply the same size by $2.50 and expect the number to be inbetween the 2.5 and 3.5 estimate... but thats not set in stone yet... It can get kinda expensive, the track in teh render above is a 7x5 grid for 35 cells, making it 35x$2.50 to $3.50 for a aprox cost of: $87 to $122.50 some were inbetween. Especialy if I manage to get a lower cost design to work better.

So any layout you can come up with on a grid style layout would work... -- right now I estimate a very small 3.5' x 6.5' about... oval of 2 x 4 grids... to only cost about 30$ + shipping. That does not include the track surface though, wich I may or may not find a way to sell that too, but I recomend just buying a section of Ozite... I will probly have to stock it or someting... maybe I can get it cheap some were. Maybe a large flat rubber mat... I think of ozite and a mat as surfaces because I intend the wall pieces to be put into a box, and the surface to be rolled up to make it portable...

I have alternate designs that might make it cheaper, but ever time I draw up the design it turns out to cost more to build, and take longer to build it... current design will have to stay put... I might be using 1/4" magnets to hold the walls together ;).. but right now they are held by pegs, and or flexible board under it... hard to explain will have to show when I build the first prototype.
The curves will be the most expensive.. but luckily you dont realy need them to make a track ;) Just use lots of 90degree corners.

As the render above shows 45 angle curves are possible, but thats about it... 45 90 and 180... and various combinations of them. Only way to get it to be very Universal, and fewer piece types.

But if any one has the space to build it, they can probly afford it...
One might use a heavy rubber mat/carpet and place it over the grass in their yard, or drive way.. so there is always more space outside... and roll it up to keep itout of the eliments.

2002.03.06, 11:19 AM
Hello, i wanted to check out the sectional track you made but the picture link wont work. could you email me some please?

2002.03.06, 11:31 AM
Try the link again ;) -- i have a lot of links I hae to update tot he new url... oh well ;)

Any way working on YET a cheaper varient of my track design... :)

2002.03.06, 12:08 PM
Hello i am very interested in the design you have. right now i just use pvc pipe on my porch. Do you have any pics of the actual pieces. i think it would be great to buy some sections and then add on as needed. thanks for the info

2002.03.06, 12:10 PM
Track is still in the design stage... prototypes comming soon.. might sellthe prototypes off on ebay, but since they are prototype pieces they might not "match" the final design...