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2004.11.06, 07:36 PM
Well I got my 2 wide L's this past week and after what seemed like a fw hours of installing side rail pins I got an initial layout using all the pieces. Track in Garge (http://www.iasoc.com/pics/rcp1.jpg)

As I was unpacking it I was starting to think that I should have just gotten one and possible gotten the Mini-96, but I ended up getting the track into the garage with a little room to spare.

So first impressions, thus far I have driven my 2 iwavers (MR01 style) and my F1 on it, all are stock as well as my MRS4, which is also stock except for bearings. Both the Iwavers went pretty good, with fresh batteries and the stock tires they zipped around the track. The F1, well lets just say it definitly needs a new set of tires, or at least softer rears as it is spin city. The MRS4 did well to but could use some new tires as they ones on there are very worn so I was sliding it in the corners. Overall I am glad that I got the wide L's, the Mini-96 may have been to tight for my drving skills, and there is no way the MRS4 would make the turns on it. Next spring after the snow melts and i have have some track out side I am going to get another 2 wide's L's to make a bigger track, and maybe some wideners for the corners so I can get the MRS4 cooking a little more. I had bought a new motor for the MRS4 but on the RCP the stock one really scoots so I took it back. Now I just need to pick up a MR02, tires for the F1, some X-speed motors, bearings, and a few sets of rechargable AAA as there is going to be lots of driving going on. What the heck it's only money. ;) Good thing Christmas is coming up.

2004.11.06, 08:19 PM
Glad to learn you are having fun. ;)

2004.11.07, 06:58 PM
the Mini-96 may have been to tight for my drving skillsThat's why the Mini-96 is so great as a practice track to increase your driving ability. You have no choice, you must improve or let the track win, which is not an option. ;)

2004.11.09, 05:40 PM
Yeah I could see that. Maybe once I get a little more driving time of the mini-z's under my belt and understand how to set them up better RCP will have the tile size conversion pieces done and I can get a Mini 96 and mix it with the wide L's.

2004.11.09, 06:54 PM
nice track.....that was just 2 wide L's? i'm gonna have to pick up 2 then :)

2004.11.09, 07:51 PM
yeah same here!

2004.11.09, 08:08 PM
yeah same here!
my track is the equivalent of 2 wide l's