View Full Version : @12, anyone?

2004.11.08, 01:33 PM

I went to one of the local hobby stores today to look for some mini-z parts... and bought also an @12, the yellow Ferrari 360 Modena :) It's just an awesome thing to drive. Quite fast, too... anyone other out here with an @12 as well?

The guy at the shop was selling the last two @12's for a heavily discounted price. I got the "racing" model for 195 euros, originally something like 325... the box had apparently been lying in the shelf for quite some time, it was very dusty...

Three months ago I had two old nitro offroad buggies, now, in addition to those, six mini-z's and an @12... :) :)

I'll post some pics of the Modena some day...

2004.11.08, 01:55 PM
i've seen those @12 two~ they are a large scale miniZ~
the pros are just like miniZs, highly detailed bodies, very detailed indeed.

but up to this moment, i can't see any hop-ups for the @12, even kyosho is not producing hopups for them. all you can do is keep the car stock, or change electronics.