View Full Version : ...Introducing 'EVERBLUE'...

2004.11.08, 10:27 PM
...not quite done but almost...




...I still cant get my images to show :(

2004.11.08, 10:31 PM
Cool...the body reminds me of a funny car (dragster) . Nice work love the scoop and spoiler. are they home made?

2004.11.08, 10:42 PM
...sup phredd...yeah the rear spoiler is two little aloy plates that i cut from the outside housing of a disposable lighter...like wise the front scoop is another piece of mystery plastic from somewhere...

...the back window has been filed in and the rear wheel wells expanded...Still waiting to get some inch-up SQUARES in there...and the front grill neesd to be done too...glad you like it though :) Im getting better :)

2004.11.08, 10:51 PM
Nice. Look's like you need those Squares to fill out those flares.

Whatever happened to your NSX that you was working on?

2004.11.08, 10:59 PM
...hey hammer...thanks for the other day...the nsx needs a bit of finishing on the rear spoiler, which is a bit of an understatment when you finally see whats happened to it...Think 'Oakley Cannonball Racing' and you will begin to understand my predicament...

...The wheel wells were once closed in..i covered them right up but then opened them again...the lower front grill used to have a pipe running out of it too but i filled that in too...its been a LONG time to get this to where it is now...and another tip..NEVER spray at night in the dark...lol..its SO worthwaiting for the light in the morning...I THINK i sprayed the ivy somewhat.lol...

2004.11.09, 11:50 AM
where are my wheels nuts?i am ready to send your gum....kurt

2004.11.12, 07:28 AM
...getting there boys getting there...Sorry for the low light pics but you can seee why ;)


2004.11.12, 07:37 AM
hmm..try and try again..can someone tell me WHY my image coding is OFF? im confused..all i wanna do is post pics :(

2004.11.12, 07:52 AM
Craziness, just craziness!

2004.11.12, 08:42 AM
...byebye is that GOOD craziness or BAD craziness...The world is full off craziness and i dont wanna be groued with the Crazy Crazy's ya know :) I THINK its a good crazy though...I have a soft spot for pretty lights, pretty girls and tamiya spray paint :D

2004.11.12, 08:57 AM
...getting there boys getting there...Sorry for the low light pics but you can seee why ;)

i would love to get some video of that on a track :p

2004.11.12, 09:03 AM
yeah but it wouldnt look any good unless it was an rcp track with some nice banners on it...THAT can be arranged im sure :)

..arch can you tell me why i cant post PICS and not just links...Am i getting picked on again?

2004.11.12, 09:14 AM
the img code was turned off to make the forum more bearable to the bandwidth challenged people still using dial-up. it has been turned on in several sections but mini-z still hasn't made it to all the sections or decided if they will be for all the sections. i would cringe if i had to use dial-up while trying to reach some of my posts as they tend to be full of images at times

2004.11.12, 09:26 AM
..fairy nuff :) EVERBLUE still needs a handful of touchups and some new feet :) and a top coat of frosted clear :) done sooon...Peace...

2004.11.13, 11:57 PM
..fairy nuff :) and a top coat of frosted clear :) done sooon...Peace...

Frosted clear? Is this the new clear pearl coat (from Tamiya) that I've seen listed? If it is it is one that I'll have to add to my paint box.

2004.11.14, 02:03 AM
...yeah it is Hammer...TS65 Pearl Clear..The promo material i have basically says its the same as using metallic paints :) I am guessing the finish will have a nice depth too it too with the pearl / metallic gloss over the top...wondering if i will need a 'regular' clear over that...not long to go though...I will work on close up shots of the finish...I am working on a 'car-Show' style display for it too but it might not be ready...i am SO close to finishing though...

2004.11.14, 02:37 AM
If there is something I like in paint, it's pearls. Candies are nice to, as well as metalic or metal flake. Pearls are the top of my list, that clear would look like farie dust I bet.

2004.11.14, 02:58 AM
...hammer we should know in 36 hours :) and you know me...if it wasnt inan aerosol i would drop yu a load if you cant get it yet...transfer some to a bottle for ya?

2004.11.14, 03:04 AM
There is a local shop that is suppose to get it, that is they have it listed as a preorder.

2004.11.14, 03:29 AM
...rodger that...

..ok JUST finished doing freehand touch ups 630 pm Tokyo...final brush down and compound rub tonight...tomorrow, monday, is a public holiday so will spray 'glitter-gloss' in the sunshine :D

eL T@n|<
2004.11.28, 01:50 PM
Thats a cool and original miniz body! :)

I don't really love the colors but it's a nice way to get a different car from all the same mercedes :o

2004.11.28, 04:55 PM
I may break down and work over my beater R34 with the "lead sled" treatment. Did I say lead sled? In the case of the Z's it would be more of a putty sled, but that don't roll off the tounge that well. The idea came from an old Rodding mag that showed an idea pic of a modernized lead sled based on an '84 T-bird that I thought looked interesting. The Nissan R34 has the same "bullnose" frontend styling sort of as that. I will be hacking out the sides to allow it to fit different wheelbases, and that would be covered with skirts.

2005.01.23, 04:57 PM
Any update pics on this, I heard that it's done.

2005.01.23, 05:09 PM
...lol...me and my big mouth...ok hammer i will some pics in a little bit ;)