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Samurai Jack
2001.11.17, 09:02 AM
What hop-ups are the most nessacery? I have a stock one right now with a badly battered TT body and a set of broken motor wires. What should I get? I know I need a body, but in addition what else? I'll probably be spending around $200 (not including the body or a new set of rechargeable batts.) after I get some Christmas checks. I want to get my car running well enough to take it with me to Japan this winter break which is my most likly destination. I also dont want to get parts the wont be compatable with parts of other companies like the GPM motor mount, so i can pick up some stuff later on. What should I get? Should I stick with Kyosho products? Also anyone have pics of the S15 body that one company has? Its on this site but no pics so far. Thanks for the help.

2001.11.17, 09:49 AM
Hi Jack, the S15 body you refer to is made by Squat. However, I haven't actually seen one ever, and don't have a picture. As far as what parts to get, take a look at these threads for ideas:



As far as sticking with Kyosho products, I would have to say no. The other major companies (RCRM, Eagle, GPM, Squat...) are as good or better quality-wise and much less expensive!