View Full Version : Price Matching?

2002.02.20, 12:32 PM
Just a thought, do you offer price matching or better? Not that I'm looking for anything specific right now, but the thought occurred to me as a result of the discussions about posting links to other sites which sell products.

Perhaps a good rebuttle would be matching or beating the price of whatever the person is looking for? It could wind up being a cutthroat thing though.

Overall, I've found your pricing fair enough to keep me coming back when I needed things!

Ken Mifune
2002.02.20, 01:12 PM

The content of your post and your signature text is a major contradiction.

2002.02.20, 05:48 PM
JJ2112, we try to keep our prices low enough that there is no price matching necessary, but email us if you find lower elsewhere in the US and we'll see what we can do.

2002.02.21, 02:35 PM
Ken M: Thanks for the information.

Mini-Z: Thanks for fielding that question. It basically proves another example of customer service for those who're in the market for Mini-Z stuff. My point has been made.