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2002.02.20, 04:16 PM
Great site loads of good information I visit every day Might add a Motor section seams this would be a good sub topic.:D


2002.02.20, 11:30 PM
that's a good topic... mini-z are you listening, are you listening..

do i hear? here i am, here i am?....

2002.02.21, 04:50 PM
Yes I'm here - it's done.

2002.02.21, 09:48 PM
EXCELLENT JOB in adding the motor tech forum!!:D

Now maybe I can LEARN SOMETHING about these dang cars!!!

2002.02.21, 10:17 PM

2002.02.21, 11:08 PM
Mini-Z Science is supose to include Motor Tech, ESC tech, any type of Tech.. physics.. not just tinkering, at least that was the concept of it. ;)

There are too many redundant forums....

2002.02.21, 11:09 PM

Thanks for adding the new topic I know it will get my input and questions. Your response to sugesstions makes me know this is the best site for those of us who have been infected by the Mini Z bug. Keep up the good work. I have been learning lots about the Mini Z because of the quality of the questions and answers on this forum.


2002.02.21, 11:22 PM
:) Draconious

I would say that might be true could be redundent, but I would also say that the motor comes up a lot and is a major item. The Mini Z is only a static model with out the motor. With out the motor it wouldn't be as much fun. We all have an intrest in speed, handling and control they should all have there place.
The Motor is very important and understanding it will make the car more fun which is why most of us play with this little Car.


By the way I visit you site often to see just what you might be up to next!!:D

2002.02.21, 11:46 PM
Redundancy is less the motor and science forum.. and more the Mini-Z racer.com New Parts, and Announcments.. they could be reduced to one... The Shop forum ;) -- If there is a motor forum, might as well have a servo one, an ESC one... ;) :)

If I had it my way there would only be one forum... and then just before the user hits SUBMIT, they would fill in check boxes of what the post they posted about contains... motor, servo info, antenna.. etc.. offtopic etc... then they can search the posts that way.. Could be much better, so if any one out there is reading this, that is also programming or working on their own forum software TRY IT and let me konw if it works ;).

Only dribbling data onto my site... been working more on my Track Set plans... but thats too far offtopic.. Just wish more ppl were interested in it...

2002.02.22, 11:03 PM
Tell me more about the Track Set Plans ? I am interested and if I think you mean a track that can be moved set up stored etc>


2002.02.23, 09:47 AM
A post thats a few days old ;) (dont think many ppl read the TRACKs page) hehe.


but yes it should be able to fit in a 3' bag, depends how big of a track set you wind up making... maybe 3x1x1 hehe... although my plans do not include the actual surface... that is supose to be pre-existing, or just buy ing a roll of 12' ozite and taking it with you ;) kinda hard to roll up 12' and carry that around, but its very thin, and lite weight, cutting it in half, or someting might work ;)