View Full Version : FAstest mini-z?

2002.02.21, 04:03 AM
how fast is the fastest mini-z and whats the spec on it????

2002.02.21, 04:06 AM

That is a good question. It's like asking how deep the deepest ocean is!
Standard about 9mph. Modded, so I've heard, about 20mph.
Some people are aiming for 30mph+

2002.02.21, 06:15 AM
with 6 cells in my mini z my x speed spins in the "god help me realm" I'm lookin for a motor that will use all 7.2 volts to the fullest

2002.02.21, 05:12 PM
I do believe it's possible to go up to 80 mph with 4:1 gear ratio (40 and 10)

2002.02.21, 07:27 PM
What is the current ratio that comes standard on Mini-Zs?

2002.02.21, 08:00 PM
If I am not wrong, the gear with 40 teeth can't be changed. That means only the pinion gear can be changed. For pinion gears there is 8,9,10,11,12,13,14. I don't know if there is a 15.

2002.02.21, 09:55 PM
Actually with the GPM diff you can use 40-42T.

2002.02.22, 02:46 PM
80mph @ how many billion rpm????

hehe... thanks everyone..planning on a speed run with the help of nomotorlimit

2002.02.23, 03:19 AM
40-42?.... more options... :d

And as for that 80mph I have calculated it to be around 100K RPM. My friend never got the chance to check it out before the thing burn up. And technically speaking/ he didn't wind it, he melted it (for the manufacturing part). He melted the wires so that he can squeeze as much wire as possible on each bank of the armature. I ain't able to tell you how disgusting his handiwork looks....

2002.02.24, 05:50 AM
who do u cal the speed rpm ration??? i'm kind of new

2002.02.26, 11:37 PM
Just a rough calculation. Should be lesser than 100 K RPM. Cos at 150 K RPM ball bearngs are a big problem.

2002.02.27, 03:01 AM
anyone know of a motor dat will spin up dat far or up there somewhere????