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2002.02.21, 12:22 PM
Yeah I know it's a ****ty car,I got one and sold it before I even opened it.The thing is I sold it to a friend of mine and feel bad for sticking him with such a ****ty car.So I offered to help him find hop up parts.Does anyone know of any sites that support the Mini-X and what type of hop ups do they have?

:confused: :confused: :confused:

2002.02.21, 12:49 PM
why don't you buy a mini-z chassis and stick the electronics into that? or did you buy the kit without the electronics :(

2002.02.21, 03:53 PM
Well it came without electronics and it's a 4WD version of the Mini-Z a poor example for a Mini-Z if you ask me.But I can see with a little bit of work it can be a good car.

2002.02.21, 09:06 PM
The only resource I've seen for replacement parts is D******. They are now stocking all the replacement parts and bearings. If this post gets edited, e-mail me for the info.:D

2002.02.22, 12:15 AM
Thank you very much :D