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2001.11.18, 12:32 PM
Track construction
I have an idea for a portable track surface that can be rolled up.
I want to find a style, or type of carpet that will accept a coating of
rubber( the type used to dip tools in to make your own handles).
I have tried this on a small scale with 3/4 oz fiberglass cloth. It seems to have a lot of promise. Any Ideas?

SSJ Char
2001.11.25, 04:08 PM
Ive heard that that roofing stuff works. That black tar paper(I think its tar paper) is what it is. I havn't tried it. Mainly because i dont hav a mini-z...yet. Its rollable too, and i think it comes in long sheets.

2001.12.07, 09:05 PM
Has anyone ever tried running on the underside of carpeting for a track surface?? I just, uuummmm, found...yeah, found enough carpet for me to finally build my track, but it isn't as tight of a weave as I had planned.

I flipped it over just for kicks and the back side of carpet is awesome!!! I'm going to use that for the track surface, it is really grippy and smooth. I didn't believe it for a few minutes...but it is a great surface...or mabye it's just me.

It's worth a try if you have any extra carpet laying around....