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2002.02.21, 09:38 PM
Has anyone seen and used this lap counter? I believe no extra parts are needed to be installed in the cars and can be used to race up to 20 cars for the ARC2 system.

Any comments on this system? Which is preferably better the ARC 1 or ARC 2 or are there any other brands out there. Estimate cost?

2002.02.21, 10:37 PM
KO recommends type 1 for Mini-Z since there is no need for transponders. Type 2 system required TD-1 transponders and power, which may be a problem.
Type 1 ARC-106 (6 cars) is around $1900 and ARC-112 (12 cars) is around $2200.
I believe type 2 is around $2200 and tranponders are $30 each.

2002.02.22, 12:34 AM
i have all the 27 different AM crystals but I think some of the installed frequencies in ARC type 1 I do not have the crystals. I believe that I already have all the possible crystals available in the market. How come the ARC system has some frequencies that I don't

2002.02.22, 08:19 AM
There are 6 channels in the US/Canada 27MHz band. But there are 12 in Japan/Asia. I take it you have the 6 channels? You are not going to find 6 of the 12 channels here. The 6 you probably don't have are "split frequencies" (in between the legal frequencies here) using the 30/20KHz spacing vs the 50KHz spacing. http://www.kopropo.co.uk/ARC.htm

Our buyer got some from Hong Kong, but you are not going to find any here from the local distributors.

2002.03.13, 03:17 PM
hay fellas confused about what channels to run i have a friend out east who owns a shop called Hobby Etc. u might have heard of it before but my friend dan is one of the owners and they carry half channels for 27mhz like channel 4.5 instead of just 4 and they work well with out any glitching .

2002.03.13, 03:37 PM

In progress... ;) -- so get hobby etc to give us deals ;)