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2004.12.13, 06:03 PM
HMSR (Houston Mini Scale Racing)

We are based in Houston Texas and we race mini scale cars on RCP track. Our main car is the Kyosho Mini Z. We use a KOPROPO ARC lap counting system with Autoscore software.

We hold races every two weekends (Saturday) and start racing at 12:Noon. We are currently wrapping up our 04 season of growing and are about to kick off our 2005 season with four 6 race series's. The first being the 05 Winter series starting on January 8th.

We run four classes of cars:

This class is for the new racer, young or older that is just getting into the hobby and has little experience on the RCP track. We allow all hopups on the cars from all manufaturers. The only restrictions are that you MUST run the stock radio, and the stock Kyosho motor.

Super Stock:
This class is identical to the rule above except that it is more for the seasoned or expert racer. You can also run a different radio, ie. M8 or KO radio. The hop ups are also unlimited but you MUST run a stock motor.

Open Sedan:
This class is wide open as long as you keep the integrity of the orginal chassis and body. No alterations to the plastic, and no lexan bodies. FET's are okay and hot motors... If you can drive it, you can run it in our open class.

Open Formula one:
Like our open sedan class, Its wide open on hop ups and electronics as long as no alterations are made to the original chassis and bodies.

We run at M&M Hobby Center in Houston - 713-661-7137. They are kind enough to let us use a back room with a track foot print of 15x30... The pit area is about two times more in size. All indoor and climate controled. We are not directly affiliated with the hobby shop but work with them on promotions.

We are up to 20+ cars at our races and growing weekly.
If you are in or around the Houston area, you are welcome to race with us, for more information you can visit our website at http://www.teamhoustonrc.com