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2004.12.13, 06:08 PM
We will be launching a new website in Houston after this weekend. Our traditional website http://www.teamhoustonrc.com has been mostly dedicated to our Off Road racing program.
After this weekend 12/18 we will launch our new site which will be 50% mini scale related.

If you get a chance stop by!

2004.12.13, 09:12 PM
Thanks for info.

2004.12.13, 10:13 PM
I was here!!!!!

2004.12.13, 10:43 PM
I was there to.only one with a xmod got my but handed to me i will be there the 18th of this mouth.After xmas i will have my mr02 hahahahahahah :D :D :D

2004.12.13, 10:55 PM
Awesome.... Come on out and bring some of your buddies... We have some rental mr02 Enzo's you can use! (6) of them

2004.12.14, 08:34 AM
I Am There Dudes...choco

2004.12.14, 08:57 AM
Awesome.... Come on out and bring some of your buddies... We have some rental mr02 Enzo's you can use! (6) of them

Mmm, fresh meat :D

2004.12.14, 09:47 AM
I will be there... with Christopher! My car is in pieces, so I will probably let him race and I will be re-building my Mini-Monster (I broke the chassis...).

Q ball
2005.01.11, 04:36 PM
I visited your site, it looked great! Also good to see your car count building!

I'm over in Beaumont and visited about 3 months ago. I hope to get my schedule worked out to come join ya'll.

Q ball
2005.01.11, 04:37 PM
what are the size of the tiles on your track? Is the track 2 tiles wide or just one? Also, what about the generic fatigue tiles you see sold, do they provide the same level of traction?

2005.01.11, 04:43 PM
nice site :p

2005.01.12, 01:29 PM
u like that arch?k

2005.01.12, 03:09 PM
as far as start ups go... he's got some useful info right up front such as information on micro racing etc. ;)

ofcourse as a moderator here i would preferr to use mzr for dispersion of information but i'm a tad biased :o you can't have a place without having a website these days if you want to survive. it would be interesting to see more shops use the tracks section for their forum use though. after all it's a free subsection available to any/all shops just about and we already have the fan base here.... just seems natural to me but then again, i'm a moderator :p

2005.01.12, 03:13 PM
I like the other RC forums on that site...adn I agree on the info upfront and its easy to view...I dont care for the other micro sites and solely spend my time on this dark hole of time consumption.

2005.01.12, 03:35 PM
yeah, i tend to spend a fair amount of time here :p

i don't quite understand the rush for many to create new forums when there are a few really good ones in existence. it's very unlikely to draw a solid crowd and only pulls time and traffic from other more popular forums. it's not a bad idea though in general if that's waht your goal is but there are TONS of small forums out there that just collect dust.

2005.01.12, 03:45 PM
But U Like The Site Arch?k

2005.01.12, 04:56 PM
MZR already sponsors our points series races. I don't see why they don't just hotlink the HMSR forums here.

Q ball
2005.01.18, 10:27 AM
How does it work on the rental enzos? I'd like to try one out for a day before committing.

2005.01.18, 04:08 PM
How does it work on the rental enzos? I'd like to try one out for a day before committing.

Just show up before noon, practice starts after 10:00 am, and ask for one. Give them some ridculously small amount of cash, and you're set! They even charge the batterys for you.

Q ball
2005.01.19, 08:13 AM
Great! I'll plan to be there Saturday. Thanks for the heads up!

2005.01.19, 11:52 AM
Yeah, just look for the guys in the red THRC hats or the man sitting behind the laptop, there will hopefully be alot of people there, so just come in and start asking. It would be better for ya if you show up a little early so that you can practice. I rented one last race and now I own a MR02 and a F1, they are great fun.

Q ball
2005.01.19, 01:32 PM
I just found out about a wedding I have to attend this weekend. SO it'll be your next race before I can make it over.

2005.01.19, 07:09 PM
Thats alright, we have plenty of races for you to come out to, see ya at the next one.

2005.01.19, 08:36 PM
Qball I just answered your email.. lol

The rental cars cost $10 and that includes racing in one class and the batteries to run it. Cant beat that for an afternoon of fun!

I would like to see this (MZR) become our primary forum for mini scale. Everyone here "understands the show" There is more info here than one could ever collect.

We had 39 cars at our last race, and this weekend may go over the 40 mark. Many more and some folks will be pitting outside.. lol

Check out the new Z-TECH section of the website.. its new on info but will grow fast!

Im working on a cool logo and image for our Houston area "Z" racing caps that we will make

2005.01.20, 10:13 AM
Anyone got some MR02 kingpins I can borrow for the 1/22 race?

2005.01.20, 10:22 AM
Joe, If you cant find any we can always grab a set off of one of the rental cars, and replace it at the end of the day...

2005.01.20, 12:39 PM
sweet. Thanks man. I need another set for my second car (superstock?).

2005.01.30, 01:19 PM
Im going to try and be there Saturday. Rent an Enzo and see how I like it. Im supposed to work till 12:30, but if I can, like they have a choice, I may leave early and check it out.

2005.01.30, 04:28 PM
Allright man!Even if your a little late don,t worry.You,ll just miss one heat and we,ll give you a little time between rounds to get a feel for it before the next race.