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2002.02.21, 10:16 PM
We're considering turning PM off to save bandwidth, is there anyone who would oppose this? Our thought is that you can use email instead, unless there is a compelling reason to use PM.

2002.02.21, 10:44 PM
what's a PM?

Ken Mifune
2002.02.21, 10:57 PM
Private Message?

I have no objections, but where do you find peoples email addresses?

2002.02.21, 11:07 PM
I rarely use it... prefer to use AOL IM or Email ;)

2002.02.21, 11:53 PM
Fine by me

2002.02.22, 07:11 AM
I used it quite a bit, but email conversations would be about the exact same as PM conversations. No objections :)

2002.02.22, 08:19 AM
Hardly use to be honest. So if its for the good of the forum, then I am sure the majority are fine with it.

2002.02.22, 10:02 AM
Cool, thanks guys, just trying to cut costs!

2002.02.22, 10:55 AM
oh thats why it didn't work, how do we email someone it seems when I want to do that it says its blocked

2002.02.22, 11:32 AM
fine with me, but u oughta make it so users have to put their email address on their profile.

2002.02.22, 11:58 AM
So I don't mind. Got enough things to message all the people who don't want to talk anyway!

I think the email option is already available wrc, then again it could just be another one of my brain farts. :D

2002.02.22, 01:29 PM
it is, but im pretty sure that users can choose to block it.

2002.02.22, 01:51 PM
Email open to public = easier for spam search engines to find your email ;)

2002.02.22, 02:21 PM
Mini-Z -
you can add an email field in the user profile, the one you find by clicking on "member" - or maybe a contact member forum - but I suppose that wont help your bandwidth prob, and that would take out the P in PM...
just some thoughts

- edit - I guess you already have an email field in the public profile... my bad