View Full Version : Did we all die?

2004.12.19, 01:10 AM
Where is everybody? There's a warrant for my arrest because apparantly I skipped a personal appearance in front of the judge; even though I paid that ticket and all my fees. :mad:

I'm a fellon, what's your excuse?

2004.12.19, 10:54 AM
i am still here. i dont post much, but i read alot. i lurk around here and www.one18th.com but i have no new news to post, we have the room at John A Patton through January. the track will be set up there this week sometime. pHREDD wont be able to race this Thursday, but me and todd want to go up early since they wont be open as late. if you want to get together with us this week sometime just let us know and we will get together with you.

2004.12.19, 07:30 PM
Were all still around Eric :) I have been real busy with work and the holidays. David was in a car accident on thursday afternoon and totaled his car. We did get together and race at the rec center last week on the mini 96. the center may be closed this comming thursday for the holidays. I hope you still have my cell Eric, call anytime :D

Here are a couple pis of the mini 96 in the center. We hope to get the wide tracks set up in its new home soon.

2004.12.19, 07:34 PM
Hey Phredd do you think you can bring the tracks tommorow. if you can give me a call and let me no what time would be good to grab them and set up if you cant do it tommorow then plan to bring them thursday and me and Chunk will get them for sure

2004.12.19, 08:44 PM
Cant do it tomorrow Todd, I have my truck loaded with garbage (gotta take to work to put in dumpster) I will have it on thursday though. You need to find out for sure if they will be open before I load it and bring i ton Thursday.

2004.12.19, 11:03 PM
Good news is I get off work Thrusday at 3:30, so I can race. Great news is my brother's car can't get traction on any surface in my house; even with slow acceleration. Super great news is a tire almost flew off when I ran it on a stand off the ground. :D

I've also got my Mauler back and kicking and Michelle is going to order a new IWaver off the bay for me for Christmas. :D

Sucks about David. Is he ok? :(

Yeah, let's race Thursday; it's been too long for me. I'm off work Wednesday; but I've got to finish my brother's car; still gotta paint it.

2004.12.20, 11:54 PM
I've had two solid race days, didn't even have time to check my email... it was great. Posting a little tonight though... really tired, just trying to finish up work before I sleep...

you guys seem to be realy closely knitt in your group down there... you disapear for a day or two and start asking questions... wish I had that kind of group up here... it's building though.