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2004.12.21, 10:06 AM
If you are interested in holding a race and are able to report accurate results, please post your information here along with details of your equipment.

All races will be ran on RCP track
All results must be scored electronically and be able to report laps and time down to the hundreth of a second.

2004.12.21, 12:11 PM
i would be interested in hosting an event.

i have the equivilant of 3 wide l tracks and the corespeedway timing system.

here is my track

2004.12.21, 12:21 PM
its all good danny...choco

2004.12.21, 01:31 PM
As you know D we've got RCP and will get whatever add'l is needed, and we (will soon) have the KO Propo and Core timing systems. Just need to call the YMCA and see how much to rent a space. :cool:

2004.12.21, 09:14 PM
I'd like to host an event, but am far from ready to yet. I guess I'll have to get back to you in the spring. :)


2004.12.23, 11:26 AM
So far we have some very nice race venues on board.

TC Hobbies/Bill Crotty
HMSR in Houston
Mini-zracer.com group midwest

Tom Thumb is interested but cannot talk until after the Christmas rush. Eveyone that is interested (above) but may not have the timing system yet, there is still plenty of time to get everything in place, especially if the Core system is released pretty soon.

The Tennesse group is interested, just waiting on a timing system.

Would like to find established groups in California and Florida, as well as Canada

2004.12.23, 11:30 AM
If you are interested in California, you may want to contact NetZone in Rialto.



So you actually need to host races 2 days in June, 1 or 2 days in August, and the final in October or November?

From the website:
"Our goal is to hold 2 qualifying race days with the first one being in June of 2005. This gives us time to get everyone organized and set up for the event. Each race venue would appoint a manager to be responsible for both results, and the integrity of those results. We see the first race in June as a trial run and call it qualifier number 1. By that time and by seeing results more involvement will be seen for race two sometime in August 2005. At that point there will be two full races under our belts and two sets of ranking data per region. Then finally sometime in the October, November timeframe, we hold the MINI CUP USA Race. Same scenario but the results get counted by region and then all results will rank each racer against the nation."

2004.12.23, 11:44 AM
We would probably mark the third race as being the actuall championship race. A venue could get in for only that race if they wanted to.

The two preliminary races would be more for getting our feet wet and seeing how results shake out. After race one, we may tweak a thing or two based on feedback and results and run the second race.

For the two preliminary races we will be ranking everyone by the locations that they race in. From there racers can compare on their own based on posted results.
In the championship race, we will rank by city and then take the results from only that race.

2004.12.23, 11:50 AM
can i suggest finding a location in enlgand? maybe mondo can help us out with this one? i suggest this because i know we have a nice english membership here and byebye who is one of the dc's members will likely be moving to london in june... and i know he doesn't want to miss out on the fun.

btw, byebye made it to the green zone safely :) now his tour is on countdown till his return home

2004.12.23, 11:53 AM

So would a racer need to qualify at one or both the two preliminary qualifiers to advance to the final? Would there by a last chance qualifier at the final like what was held during the Kyosho Mini-Z-Cup? What would also happen to the racer times and standings if a host track couldn't host a final event, i.e. is the racer still quailified to travel to and race in the final?

2004.12.25, 11:22 AM
My vision of the championship would be just one race marked as the championship race. On that day everyone would race and turn in time and laps to be compared across the country.

The two races in advance... June, and August are more for getting everyone on the same page and go through the motions before the actual championship race that would be held in the October - December time frame. I called them qualifiers and maybe that is the wrong word for them.
I did not want to go into the actual championship race blind without a few trial runs behind us. I think it will make the championship race smoother and more accurate.

Format has not been finalized yet. We are still figuring out the best way to do things like should all mains be the same length so everyone runs the same time for rankings, or should the A main racers drive a 7 minute race and the lower mains drive shorter ones.
The question came up that "what if there are several good drivers that could out perform A main drivers from other venues but they make the B or C because there were so many good drivers in one location.
Not sure how that will shake out yet, but we will nail it down...