View Full Version : stock class poll

2004.12.24, 10:35 AM
I believe this will actually be two classes, a novice/box stock class and an expert/super stock class (even though this is a year worth of racing, novices should be able to compete but may not be able to win a class within this time)

Box stock seems to be fairly decided with
Kyosho Chassis, no modifications to the chassis, electronics or motor, no bearings, no ball diff, plastic h-plate
4 - AAA rechargable cells (no mah, 850 is enough for 30 minutes anyway)
Gearing changes are allowed
Kyosho radio must be used

The expert stock class is a bit more complicated with non-kyosho cars allowed, because of this I propose that we allow any chassis or mods.

This class assumes any radio could be used but with unmodified electronics (speedcontrol/receiver) from an iwaver or kyosho car