View Full Version : Iwaver IW03?

2004.12.27, 05:31 AM
I was looking through the forums and found something about an IW03 :D and it said it was an Overland thing :D is this true and if not :( will they (Iwaver) make an Overlandish thing?

2004.12.27, 05:41 AM
the iw-03 is indeed the overland copy. i believe the release is sometime in the new year. it's not been talked about much or not nearly as much as the 02 and 04

2004.12.27, 05:47 AM
Ultra SWEET :D :D I was also woundering what is the ground clearance on the IW02 and IW01? What I mean is will it run on low pile carpet ok?

2004.12.27, 08:12 AM
the racers be they kyosho or clone, should be ran on as hard/smooth of a floor as possible... carpet WILL make contact with the rear gears... almost size of the rear tires... less clearance on 02's than 01s...

And its possible I waver dont even both erwith an overland, cuz the overland prices are dropping like rocks... and they have yet to copy a OL body.. I think.. so they are prolly waiting on body molds...

2004.12.27, 08:12 AM
The 01 will run on low pile alright, forget the 02 on low pile. Commercial carpet is about the only carpet that you can really use a mini-z on though.

2004.12.27, 01:03 PM
you can forget running it on standard gool ole house carpet.......... like 27 said comm. carpet is your best bet

2004.12.27, 03:58 PM
Thanks for the info :D
Owell I ll just have to get an 04 :( :D so I can : run it in my house it makes me both happy and sad. :D :(