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2002.02.23, 02:38 PM
We've got a few sets of those lovely German Z-Speed rims in stock now, available for both CLK or normal Z, and including very nice mounted tires. We probably won't be listing them in the shop so please email us if you'd like a set.

2002.02.23, 04:09 PM
What do they look like?

2002.02.24, 06:33 PM
They look like this:


2002.02.24, 07:08 PM
do you have them in stock or do you have to speicial order tham?

2002.02.24, 08:24 PM
Originally posted by PorscheGuy964
do you have them in stock or do you have to speicial order tham?
They already got them. I got them already. check it out at my website. Just email Mini-Z.

2002.02.24, 08:59 PM
do you have them in stock or do you have to speicial order tham?

Like 323iT said, we have them in stock, but won't be listing them in the shop, so please email us directly to order. Thanks!

2002.02.25, 03:30 PM
how much do they go for? and do they rotate true?

2002.02.25, 07:51 PM
Fusion, yes they do - we only have one set left, these things sold like crazy even though we didn't list them in the shop - email us if you're interested.

2002.02.25, 08:08 PM
are they the original size, and in black?? email me if they are at denali172@yahoo.com

2002.02.25, 08:14 PM
I really love the way these wheels look they look like Kinesis K-18
wheels: http://www.pelicanparts.com/catalog/shopcart/misc/POR_MISC_kinesi_main.htm

what do you think mini-z?

2002.02.25, 08:29 PM
Yep, that's a pretty close match!

2002.02.27, 06:57 PM
what nuts are those on the z-speed rims
they're a beauty!

2002.11.30, 02:35 PM
awwww man, their all probaly all gone now. i must of missed this thread:mad: :( . mini-z, do you think that you can get any more it, for the clk and the other cars. (mabey the diablo design for the clk ;) ;) ) hehe. or should i just email you for all of the information. thanks!

2002.11.30, 05:39 PM
racerdx6, email us! :)