View Full Version : New to the Board, question regarding chassis length.

2002.02.23, 04:48 PM
I am planning on buying a Mini-Z within the next month. These freakin' cars look more fun than my 1/10th and more cost effective. Were getting a group of us at work involved so it'll be more fun.

My question is, are the chassis lengths different on each car, or at least some cars? I want to get the CLK Mercedes, but I also want to put 1/25 model car bodies on the car I end up with. Is there a better selection of one over the other if you plan on doing custom bodies??

Thanks for the help!

2002.02.23, 05:31 PM
Mestapho first of all welcome to the fourm ask all u want u will get a responce. Now to your questions,the cars have 3 wheelbase settings wich u can change with each different shell u buy there is short, med and long, the CLK has a long wheelbase, the 1/25 scale bodies are longer (most of the time un ess its a small car in real life eg RX3) so GPM i think it is has brought out extended H plates so u can fit 1/25scale bodies on your mini z. so u can get any car u want and when u want to make your custom bodie just invest in a extended H plate or make one your self

Hoped this helped

2002.02.23, 05:54 PM
Thanks for the help dude!! Just like most forums I'm on, everyone tries to be helpful. Good to see that still exists. I'm wanting to build a nice track in a shop downtown where I live. Any suggestions on surfaces?

2002.02.23, 05:59 PM
Mestapho what i would use is industrial carpet u know the type thats like real smooth and all like felt kinda

2002.02.23, 06:07 PM
I was browsing around and found Minizhobbyshop in Toronto.


They are using some sort of paint. Their track looks awesome. I emailed them to find out what they were using. Any ideas? Could be the "sand" type grip paint. It gives pretty good adhesion, but I think over time, it would begin to fade as the "sand" came loose. Similar to what they've used for the Nascar circuit in the past and had no luck with it.

2002.02.23, 06:34 PM
Mini-Z has 3 settings of chassis length... even if you get the longer plates then you only hvae 3 settings with that plate too... I was going to make a bunch of custom length susp carbon plates.. that work with 1mm distances between settings... I already made a few, but only sold 1... due to lack of intrest I never bought the supply of carbon... I can still make some though. I sell them for 3$+a buck or two for shipping/packaging.

Longest setting fits my 1/25th scale pickup body ;)

Spray your surface with Plasti-Dip ;) a tool dipping palstic dip... wich can be sprayed on, in different colors, including CLEAR red black.. white etc.. they dont apear to have a medium grey for concrete though... mix wite and black? ;)

They also have Super Grip spray for carpet fabrics.. wich kinda rubberises carpet, and might work to keep the fibers in the carpet and not in your car.