View Full Version : LOL at e bay noob!

2005.01.04, 11:30 PM
$1,200 for a TC3?!??! e bay # 5947398249

2005.01.05, 12:13 AM
$1,200 for a TC3?!??! e bay # 5947398249
There some deceving ones out there. I saw one where the seller was selling a picture of his xbox and not the actual machine. It's just the picture. It ended at $157. Doh!

2005.01.05, 02:27 AM
And then there was that gal that sold her phone number on ebay, and some other stuff too. One was a can of Bush beans, and the best was a "Haunted" paper clip that got $15 when I saw it. All of these was from the same seller.

2005.01.05, 10:18 AM
There was the lady that sold her dad's haunted cane (and subsequently his ghost) for (IIRC) around $67,000 to some online casino. That same casino also bought a grilled cheese sandwhich that had a scorch mark on it that looked like the Virgin Mary for around $23,000. :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: