View Full Version : Caprice cab and patrol car

2005.01.05, 02:55 PM
these are gonna be alot of fun to bash around with. i'll post how they handle later tonight. they're on an o1 chassis with avm daytona rims. see them here. (http://www2.mini-zracer.com/gallery/album559)

2005.01.05, 03:09 PM
Is That The Mr 15 Chassis?if Not,will The Daytona Rims -wheels Fit The Mr 15 ? K

2005.01.05, 03:17 PM
its an mr01. i think the mr015 has a wider track up front so these wheels will not fit.

2005.01.05, 03:23 PM
The 01 & 015 share the same track width.

2005.01.05, 03:35 PM
So It Will Be A Good Fit On The Mr 15?k

2005.01.05, 03:58 PM
as long as the width is the same it shouldn't be a problem.

2005.01.05, 04:03 PM
Cool..thanks Cam....i Wanted To Put Tose Wheels On That Police Car...sweet! K

2005.01.05, 07:28 PM
The patrol car on those wheels, has me thinking hmm. Hike up the rear and have a blower sticking out of the hood, you can guess that I was watching that movie "Tommy Boy".

2005.01.06, 02:23 PM
Dude I am so going to run one of those taxi cabs and sign up for a race under the name "Queen Latifah"... a la the recent remake of "Taxi"! :p

2005.01.06, 03:21 PM
Hahahaha,2 Funny Ruf...k

2005.01.06, 03:46 PM
Those are some sweet rides! Nice rims.

2005.01.06, 04:18 PM
I'm gonna need to put a set of butterflies sticking out of the hood though... :p

2005.01.07, 08:37 AM
what kind of mini z's u got joe?

2005.01.07, 04:35 PM
It's a secret... :D

2005.01.07, 07:55 PM
hahahahahaha k

2005.02.15, 11:43 AM
is there any place where you could buy the bodies and the rims to go with them?

i would liek to get the body, but i dont wanna have to drop $100+ jus for the body.
Also, would the body fit an MR-01 chassis? because i looked in the shop and it said it is an MR-015


2005.02.15, 11:54 AM
i guess you are not aware this site has a shop :confused: look in the body section and you wil find the bodies for sale.

it will fit an mr-01 however you might have to buy whatever rear end that is suposed to be on the mr-015, etiher mm or rm. if it's rm, you minght be able to just use the regular 01 chassis. i just got my mr-015 300C so i'm not up on all the issues with the mr-015.

2005.02.15, 11:54 AM
the shop here has them.


2005.02.15, 04:52 PM
yes, im awarethis site has a shop, i said i looked in the shop. anyways, if i do have to buy an MM rear end, would it work with my MR-01 chassis? or would i have to buy an MR-02 chassis? if i do would the MR-01 trasmittor set work? i thought someone (not on here) sed that it wouldnt.

Thanks for your time,