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2002.02.24, 03:22 PM
Kyosho Mini-Z Ready Set - Initial D Toyota AE86
Kyosho - X-Speed Mini-Z Motor V
Kyosho - Ball Bearing Set
Kyosho - Accessory Light Set II
GPM - Delrin Ball Diff Assembly + Shaft 1/8
GPM - Alloy Front Lower Mount (Low Ride 0.6MM)
GPM - Front 6MM Length Coil Spring (0.4/0.5MM)
GPM - Front 5MM Length Coil Spring (0.4/0.5MM)
GPM - Alloy 2MM Lock Nut Set - 5 PCS
GPM - Nylon Servo Gear Set(just incase)
GPM - Alloy Oil Damper+Mount(mono)
GPM - Alloy Telescop Antenna (Shape) - EXT15MM
GPM - Alloy Front Knuckle Arm With Shaft (3DEG)UP/SP <-does this change the camber of the wheels or the TOE in TOE out?

Should I keep stock rims, or should I go alloy(can't find regular ones only clk, and I know the CLK won't fit the ae86)?

And are all of these parts compatible with each other?

This setup will cost me around $320usd shipped to my front door(is that good?).

2002.02.24, 06:25 PM
Here's my set-up:
CLK Mini-Z
Alloy Knuckles- Available in different camber settings 1,2,3 deg.
Alloy Steering Bar w/1 degree toe-in
Ball-Bearings "A Must"
Alloy Servo Gear
Twin-Turbo R
Alloy Battery Heat Sinks
Center Shock and Roll Shocks
Alloy Rear Pod w/Ball Diff.
Hi-Torque Motor
Wide Alloy Wheels

I would get the Ball Bearings and Ball-Diff for sure!!
It kind of depends if you are racing your Z or just building it for show on wether or not to get the other parts. The lights are cool but if you are racing you don't need them. The alloy knuckles are very nice and helped me get rid of some of the slop in my steering. The 1 degree toe-in bar made my car more stable and easier to control. I have never used an X-Speed motor but have heard some say that the GPM motor is a little faster. I would stick with the stock rims for now and spend money on some soft compound tires for more traction. The rear shocks made the car more stable than the stock set-up. The Turbo gives the car more power which makes it faster. The turbo also makes it safe to run faster motors without worries of a ESC problem.

Just trying to help.

Here's a pic of my car.

2002.02.24, 08:05 PM
How much did you spend total? And have you had any exp. with the dropping of a mini Z?

2002.02.24, 08:25 PM
Around $400 dollars and climbing.
I hope to start racing soon.

How much of a drop are you lookin for on your Z?
I have lowered mine with thin spacers a little bit.
That's about all.


2002.02.24, 11:02 PM
I want the "slammed" look without losing the full turn radius, and with no tire rubbing. So pretty low at all four wheels(if even poss. for the back to be dropped).

$400! AHHH! way to much for me on a small R/c car. my limit is like $350! <lol>

Well I don't want a Homemade drop with smaller screws, and washers. I seen that done before. I want parts that will drop it. Like the GPM parts I have selected.

And for drifting, what are the best tires to get?

2002.02.25, 12:20 AM
Well how about dropping it with taking off parts?
take the rear suspension triangle and front springs out... that would slam it gooooooood.
I just wonder.. why do you want to pay big bucks for something that can be achieved with 5cent washers and a piece of your snapped plastic H-plate?
And then proclaim that you're on a limited budget.
I just don't get it...


2002.02.25, 03:03 AM
Get a ball diff, sticky tyres, bearings and an x-speed for a massive initial improvement. The rest of the stuff will only add small improvements that will you need at a later date. :cool:

2002.02.25, 09:06 AM

I think you should try racing first. I did the same as you but not as far. I put in about $200 in hop ups and when I went to the track for the first time. I was bouncing off walls and other cars all the way around the track while other stock cars passed my with no problem. At least now I know what hop ups to spend my money on. Don't make the same mistake I did. Install your Hop ups according to your own driving style.

2002.02.25, 03:42 PM
I was gonna drive it around for while just being stock... then slowly add on hop-ups.

I don't want to remove parts! that would most likely brake something. maybe if i was rich! well I will prolly only spend aroun $250 then get all my other stuff later. I just want to SLAM it! so i don't roll it alot. Maybe i should invest in some roll shocks!

Well I know that you should start stock then upgrade later. I always do that for everything! well thanks for your input

2002.02.26, 12:21 AM
yeah CLK rims won't fit AE86. I have both bodies.

Ken Mifune
2002.02.26, 12:58 AM
"See ya on da flip side baby!"
Who was the originator of your signature text?
I'm guessing it is Alan Freedman or Wolfman Jack.

Shed some light "baby".

By the by, how old are you to use "vinyl" lingo?

2002.02.26, 02:22 AM
23 and getting younger, or is it more stupid?:p

Anyway its from Fast Bikes magazine in the UK.

I wish I new what it means.... :o

2002.03.02, 02:13 PM
Yep, you got that right 323iT, I got some RCRM Alloys and they rubbed on the fenders of my Initial D AE86.
Desertkid- I am currently running a Viper body which I put lights in, bt I just made it heavier, not to much but it takes power when thy are on too. But with the wheels, look into the semi-wide alloys, Mini-Z can probably get them for you.