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2005.01.11, 01:02 PM
In an effort to further promote the 1/24 scale RC car industry, RCP Tracks has teamed up with Exotic Cars at Caesars Palace, a 26,000-square foot luxury automobile dealership and retail emporium in The Forum Shops at Caesars, Las Vegas. The new dealership will feature a two-tiered showroom displaying the world’s most desired and rare motor cars in the world.

RCP Tracks is building a very large RC track display for the dealership, where visitors will be able to demo some of the most exiting 1/24 scale vehicles on the market. The track display will feature a very large ancient Roman bridge replica with mountain terrain accents and other features such as miniature working street lights. There will be a professional driver’s stand, so the visitors will stand above the track display which will sit atop an 18 inch platform. We plan to have the Core Timing sytem on hand for those that wish to test their skills against the clock.

We are currently working with Exotic Cars in the possibility of holding some of the US and World final Mini-Z and other 1/24 scale RC Championships at the facility. We already have one company who manufactures 1/24 scale products on board to host their US finals at the facility and if an agreement can be reached between Exotic Cars and RCP tracks, we believe more manufacturers will join in as well.

I think the dealership is just another great way to promote this great RC scale and will be a great avenue to get the word out to those who visit the dealership. The facility shops, where the dealership is located, currently receives thousands of visitors each day from all parts of the world.

2005.01.11, 01:11 PM
Awesome! I can't wait to see pics. I should be in Vegas on business sometime in June... :D

2005.01.11, 01:13 PM
Awesome! I can't wait to see pics. I should be in Vegas on business sometime in June... :D

That would be great! The track display will be complete in a few weeks and the facility should be open in early March, 2005.

2005.01.11, 02:32 PM

2005.01.11, 03:26 PM
Awesome! I can't wait to see pics. I should be in Vegas on business sometime in June... :D
Me too. LOL.

2005.01.11, 07:07 PM
TNB, i am guessing you will not need the pics unless you have short term memory loss..........
let us know how the track is asap....

2005.01.11, 07:30 PM
No, I probably won't need to see the photos since I can take my own. However, I will probably be in Las Vegas on business too. ;) Then again, I may get lost in Caesar's but since they do have those nice looking "employees" to provide a lost tourist with directions to the valet it won't be bad. And since Exotic Cars is near FAO Schwartz and not too far from the Disney Store, I won't get lost for very long unless I get side tracked at one of the Victoria Secret stores with one of the Angels. :D

2005.01.11, 08:11 PM
I hear ya!
Just remember eventually you will need to turn left or right....maybe you should get a map.....LOL

2005.01.11, 09:53 PM
I found a couple of maps online....

The "Mall" Map

Street map from Mapquest

And the link to "The Forum Shops at Caesars".

2005.05.06, 11:08 PM
Anyone for photos of the RCP Track at Exotic Cars? There are a few in Gallery TNB.


2005.05.07, 01:14 PM
Wouldn't that be a fun place to hold club races!


2005.05.07, 11:58 PM
I just added a photo of the Saleen which is parked next to the RCP demo track and of the bay area which is just to the right of the Saleen. I took that particular photo of the bay area from the upper level where the motorcycles are shown.


2005.05.09, 01:20 AM
Three more new photos in the album:
1. Red Ferrari Modena Spyder (with me in it),
2. Blue Lamborghini Murcielago, and
2. The upper deck with all the motorcycles.

2008.10.29, 06:18 PM
Too bad this dealership is out of business and track is gone. I'm in Vegas with a Mini-Z. Anyone know of any tracks near the strip???

2008.10.29, 06:30 PM
I take it you are coming to the PN World Cup Finals in Vegas next week? Can't enter now, but you should stop by to check it out. The fastest 1/28 drivers in the world on a VERY large RCP track. Details here:


2008.10.29, 06:56 PM
Joe, I wish. Here on business and leaving Friday, so I will miss it. Spoke to Christian ealier this week and when he found out I'm in Vegas he thought the same thing. I may have to start scheduling my business trips around racing events LOL:)