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2005.01.12, 11:59 PM
Hi All

I am planning to build my own onroad Mini-Z / 1:18 track. I have been looking a the tracks made by RCP but I donít think that they suit my purpose.

I was thinking about using the FastTrack carpet from Team CRC, but I am now sure that this is the best solution.

Does anybody out there has any experience with building a custom track for Mini-Z and 1:18 cars??

What kind of material to use and where to buy for track, curbs, rails....... also what is the best track size if I am going to race Mini-Z and 1:18??

Really hoping someone can help me.....

Look at this great track.. http://www.cargel.se/Images/Bana1.jpg

Help with Track building


2005.01.13, 12:29 AM
I can only say RCP really was perfect for me so i guess i am no help....
how does it not "suit my purpose"?(yours i mean)

2005.01.13, 12:48 AM
I am sure that RCP Tracks are a great product and they are great to race on. I just want to make my track a bit more like a "Real" track. I have been a big fan of Formula 1 for many years and really want to make a replica track.


Q ball
2005.01.13, 09:42 AM
Why not use RCP track for the surface and rails, but still paint your grass areas and red/white boarders on the RCP track?

I like your picture, and this idea so much, I might do it myself!

2005.01.13, 10:45 AM
I agree, the tracks like the one shown above look amazing, but they are permanent type designs and are not meant to be changed into different layouts. . From my experiences, most people that run RC cars regularly enjoy a change in layout once in a while. It is completely up to you.

There is a way you could build a more realistic looking track using the RCP system, if youíre interested. We manufacture blank tiles without the PIN holes and factory rail cuts. These tiles incorporate the custom RCP racing surface and can be used with the RCP rails or your own custom design. We have recently had a lot of requests from hobby stores who want to cover there carpet track with the RCP blank tiles. They are using their own rails for 1/12 and larger racing. Because of this, we are now in the process of manufacturing 3ft x 3ft tiles for our 1/10 scale racing stores and clubs.

One option is to use the RCP blank tiles to cover your track area, and then use the RCP rails to layout a track similar to the one shown above. You can make your own PIN holes very easily and place the rails in almost any pattern, since they are made of EVA rubber and will bend easily. Check out this one example of a track I did for Goodyear/Dunlop. This track incorporated rails that were bent in various radiuses and then pinned by cutting new holes. If you don't want to use the RCP rails, you have the option to use wood, similar to CP's raceway in New York. They covered their painted track with blank RCP tiles and then installed cutom wood railing for their road course and large Nascar Oval. www.miniraceway.com

Later today I will see about putting together some pictures of RCP blank tiles and then pinned in angles and sweeps like the F1 track shown above.

MZR is posting the expansion kit on the shop site, which includes blank tiles and side straights, but we could also add just blank tiles and rails for those that want to PIN their own rails at various angles.

2005.01.13, 11:30 AM
Hi RCPMini-z

That sounds like a really great idea. I think I will go ahead with you idea and incorporate your RCP tiles into my track instead of using the racing carpet. I like the flexibility of the RCP tiles and the surface much more.

Thank you very much...


2005.01.13, 11:32 AM
Please let me know when the expansion kit will be available on your shop site


2005.01.17, 05:59 AM
RCP, is there any way to calculate the aprox. price ... like a per tile or per. something $ price?

2005.01.17, 08:49 AM
If we put the individual pieces for sale at the shop, prices would be very similar to those below, for those customers that have already ordered an RCP kit.

RCP Wide Lane Tiles, with double sided racing surface and tall Rails
......$4 per section

RCP Wide Lane expansion tile, with double sided racing surface, custom link on all four sides, no rails.....$3.50

RCP Mini-96 sections, with double sided racing surface and tall Rails....$1.60 per section.

RCP Mini-96 lane expansion tile, with double sided racing surface, custom link on all four sides, no rails.....$1.45 per section

Prices would vary a little, depending on shipping distance from our warehouse.