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2005.01.17, 02:35 PM
I saw this over on TinyRC earlier, and see it's up over here now.

Closed for Inventory

Please note that we are closed for inventory from Tuesday, January 18th 2005 to Wednesday, January 26th 2005. During this time, we will not be accepting or processing new orders. Orders placed on Monday, January 17th 2005 will be shipped on the 18th as normal. Also, please note that our ability to respond to emails during this period will be reduced. Please email shop@tinyrc.com or post to the TinyRC.com Forums or Mini-ZRacer.com Forums if you have any questions. Thanks! :)

-The Tiny RC Team

I guess the shop will be revamped soon. If that's the case, I am looking forward to the new shop layout.

2005.01.17, 06:03 PM

actually site revamping sounds much more exciting that inventory... :rolleyes:

maybe what mini z really needs is a few worker bees!!! :)

2005.01.17, 07:11 PM
I've volenteered a few times to box things... or do something... but nothing ever comes of it lol...

2005.01.17, 07:57 PM
NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!! i was going to place an order tomorrow :( i cant wait a week :(

2005.01.17, 08:38 PM
I've volenteered a few times to box things... or do something... but nothing ever comes of it lol...

wow! i was thinking of paid labor, but not accepting free labor?!? :confused:

maybe he's even busier than i imagined!!!:D :D :D

2005.01.26, 11:43 AM
I guess today is the day for the reopening. But as of this time it isn't open yet. Maybe someone will post any updates here.

2005.01.26, 12:00 PM
i was told the shop might be closed until the 28th at the latest do to work load.

2005.01.26, 12:15 PM
arch2b, is shop going to start adding pics to thier inventory?...i know there are some pics...but not near enough....

2005.01.26, 12:22 PM
The funny thing is that Dyourinmommaball is down for site maintenance right now too! :D

2005.01.26, 12:55 PM
the picture situation will be resolved with the roll out of the revised online shop. this is not related to the shop inventory occuring now. not to my knowledge anyway

2005.01.26, 03:47 PM
wouldnt it be easy since he is having to pull all the parts off the shelf to go ahead and take a pic of each one to make sure he has pics of everything? kinda like 2 birds with one stone :rolleyes:

2005.01.26, 04:31 PM
It would, but I have done inventory before in another kind of store. It is a pain being up to your eyeballs with numbers and mess up then have to recount something. I am sure there is enough going on as it is.