View Full Version : Missing Threads?!?!?

2005.01.26, 09:06 PM
Recently while checking out this website, some threads (actually a lot) don't come up. Only like 3 or 4 show up in each section. What's up with that? Or is it just me experiencing this problem?

2005.01.26, 09:11 PM
can you elaborate? if i click on say, custom bodies i see a full page of threads

2005.01.27, 04:32 AM
i think if you go to the user cp you'll find that there is a setting that causes you to only see threads/post of a certain age or less... toggle it and you'll see again! :D

2005.01.27, 03:01 PM
arch2b: For instance: I just clicked on this thread, and it showed the first 2 posts and then said:

<div class="vbmenu_popup" id="postmenu_168395_menu" style="display:no

Or it gives a similar message in 70-90% of the areas on this website. It's really annoying. :(

I also try hitting the refresh button and then it works... Sometimes.

dog: It says, "Show all threads."

2005.02.04, 03:08 PM
Here is a pic about what I'm talking about.

2005.02.04, 04:42 PM
I have had the page stop loading on me a few times...I didnt notice it at first but it has started to happen a lot more. Also the links at the top, UserCp, FAQ , Members List...these quit working sometimes too. I can clisk them and it acts like nothings there. THe fix for this is to kill the internet explorer and restart it. Not a huge problem but still a problem.

2005.02.06, 12:28 PM
Bizarre - if anyone else experiences this, please post to this thread. What type of connections are you guys on?

2005.02.06, 12:55 PM
crappy 56k.... :(