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williams F1#3
2005.01.27, 03:11 PM
i e-mailed my pics a week ago, anyone know when the'll be posted?

williams F1#3
2005.01.27, 03:16 PM
p.s. how do u attach pics to posts?

2005.01.27, 04:56 PM
if you scroll down the reply screen you will see a button for MANAGE ATTACHMENTS ;) click that and the rest is self explanitory

williams F1#3
2005.01.27, 06:26 PM
thanx for da help

williams F1#3
2005.01.27, 06:30 PM
it says 000_0039.JPG:
File Too Large. Limit for this filetype is 488.3 KB. Your file is 736.3 KB.

arch, how can i make the files small enough?

2005.01.27, 07:01 PM
open the file in a graphic editing program and resave as a jpg. you can with most programs change the output size and or compression ratio

2005.01.27, 09:46 PM
here's a free photo editing tool you can download. http://irfanview.com/