View Full Version : Maranello 575 with a Rear Wing

2005.01.28, 07:06 PM
Here are a few pics of my new 575. I added a Supra wing. What do you think?

2005.01.28, 07:20 PM
It doesn't look too bad. I still have three Aoshima wings lying around and haven't used one. Perhaps, I may add one to my Maranello too.

williams F1#3
2005.01.28, 07:23 PM
not too bad, could use some lowering thogh

2005.01.28, 09:33 PM
a fraction too big in my opinion. it does look nice with a spoiler though :p

2005.02.02, 12:48 PM
Thanks for the comments, guys. :)

2005.02.02, 01:42 PM
IMHO...it ruins teh lines of the car....looks like you may ahve invented the Italituner though...

2005.02.02, 02:07 PM
i think it just needs to be lowered a tiny bit and tilted forward, kinda fit it more into the sleek look of the 575