View Full Version : How to improve carpet traction?

2005.01.28, 11:56 PM
Are there any coatings that can be applied to carpet that will improve traction? Something equivalent to spraying orange soda on asphalt.

I had been thinking that something like surfboard wax might help, but thought someone may have a better idea.

My carpet is not Ozite, but a very short pile carpet from Home Depot. The traction with soft 20-30 tires is decent, but could be better.

2005.01.29, 01:47 AM
think the other way around. Are there any ways to improve tire grip on the carpet? Yes, there are.

Pre-heating the tires ... Trinity makes some tire blankets (I thought it was Trinity), but .... that's a very expensive solution.

Try (Corally) tire grip solutions, like Jack the Gripper or other products. They realy help. They make rubber softer and clean it at the same time.

Also different tire prfiles give different grip (from my feelings) and ... spraying the carpet would atrackt a lot more dust, so certainly not something to do.

And if you want the ultimate grip. Foam tires with Corally foam tire solution.

Good luck!

2005.01.29, 11:01 AM
I custom turn my wheels from raw foam dough nuts. How do you feel the profile & width effect cornering & acceleration traction?