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2002.02.26, 08:26 PM
How about getting some plans together for a Mini-Z Nationals.Maybe not for EVERYONE to attend but something for a few of us guys that want to race againist some people from other states.

2002.02.26, 09:02 PM
This could be seriously cool. What might be a good location?

2002.02.26, 09:10 PM
Toronto!!! i dunno, but it's a good city... the LHS here is really good.... so i think that T.O. is pretty good....

or, we can somehow make the mini-z a motor sport just like the real 1:1 cars... like race for $$ have championships.... travel around the world... stuff like that... it'd be so cool 1:24 style!!

2002.03.01, 01:43 AM
Well I figured it would be fair if each track posted pictures and details about the track.People would then vote and we'd have a track based on the pics,info and location.

It wouldn't be too much of a big deal just set a date,race and have a good time with some people that we would normally never race againist.All the hosting track would have to do is just post some hotels nearby,maybe put some cash together for a trophy and set up a good fair system for racing.

Day one would be for getting used to the track,making adjustments and the second day would be for racing.

2002.03.01, 08:06 PM
Cool, start nominating tracks!

2002.03.06, 06:30 PM
You'd need a race track in Topeka, Kansas. Tobad I don't think anyone else is from Topeka. Except my friend he has a Dodge Viper( jus ordered mine):D :D :D

2002.03.11, 12:08 AM
Keep in mind, the location needs to already have a world-class track!

2002.03.13, 03:19 PM
Please make sure to have a Drag Strip. Stock, Modified, Super Modified, Open.

2002.03.13, 11:24 PM
Good call!

T Man
2002.03.17, 12:58 PM
How about in Georgia?:p

2002.03.28, 11:55 PM
I think the one and only place to hold the mini-z nationals would be SOCAL no place better!!!

2002.04.02, 11:28 PM
Sorry to possibly rain on parades or burst bubbles, but...

I honestly don't think holding a "national" mini z conference would work for a couple of reasons:

- many members here are under 20 years old, and they would not have the income nor the time to fly somewhere to race their mini-z's, or hang out with people from this forum, as cool as it would be.

- airfare across the country is very expensive. If the Nationals were in SoCal, there is no way I could afford to fly from Toronto to be there. Same goes for guys like Wedginator and Fusion, (I'm assuming) or Mondo, who lives in England.

- To get everyone on the forum to agree on a location would be futile. The only one here that has any authority IMO is mini-z. And I doubt he would pick SoCal for the Nationals if he lives in Michigan (or wherever).

Don't get me wrong, I would love to see a National Mini-Z meeting take place, but I just think that it would'nt be feasible, considering the international nature of this forum.

Thanks for listening to my gripes. :)

Ken Mifune
2002.04.03, 12:18 AM
If it's International I'd pick NewYork.
If it's National I'd still pick Chicago if it's during the HobbyModelShow.
or anywhere in the midwest if it's any time during the summer. I'm sure people would take that road trip. That's very feasible for the younger racers since school is out. Just borrow the Family Truckster.

There are direct flights to Chicago for Mondo and other oversea chaps.

Now, where is there a world class track in the midwest...

2002.04.03, 09:45 AM
At the moment, I'd be more interested in organizing coordinated locals, so that people are racing under the same rules etc.

2002.04.03, 07:04 PM
I understand. That is a step in the right direction for sure.

Maybe a "Spec" class could be used instead of stock, mod, open, which allows only certain, approved modifications. Something like the Kyosho World Cup, or the Tamiya TCS. That way, some sort of cost control could be put in place for a more even field, and to help out folks like me who can't afford to spend a lot of money on their Z's. One idea is to could use handout tires and motors, which are cheap and keep the racing even.

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2002.08.14, 10:12 AM
hey. theres a national race here in minneapolise MN. the site is twin city hobby.com

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2002.08.14, 10:13 AM

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2002.08.14, 10:13 AM
here it is. heres the link. Twin City Hobby.com

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2002.08.14, 10:14 AM
oops. TwinCityHobby.com

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2002.08.14, 10:15 AM

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2002.08.14, 10:15 AM
yay. i typed the link right finnaly.

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2002.08.14, 10:17 AM
the norrca nats are at the track in minneapolis.

2002.08.14, 12:55 PM
MiniZ Modifier theres a button that says EDIT please use it to edit your posts instead of repeatedly replying to yourself to increase your post count.

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2002.08.14, 12:57 PM
oops. i didnt know you could change it by going on edit. tnx

2002.08.25, 07:15 PM
I think we need to set up something Like a Mini-z Race Association or something. so we have rules for the Race. and Classes. etc........ then take the steps to have some(as in many) national events!!! this will help promote our sport!!! I vote to have here in the Motor City!!!! can you think of a better place??

2002.08.25, 07:27 PM
www.amzra.org i think... it's already there, but it's debatable as to wether it's doing anything.

2002.08.25, 07:39 PM
if there is a nationals on ONE track, i think it oughta be in northern michigan or somewhere in califorina, considering the majority of ppl from this forum are from those areas. 'sides, if its in mich., mini-z can host it!:p

2002.08.25, 08:06 PM
Mich = close to canada?

ottawa canada to be specific?

2002.08.25, 08:07 PM
no idea. i know that ann arbor is something like 3 hours south of toronto. which is considerably closer than i am.:rolleyes:

2002.08.25, 10:13 PM
cool I think some simple rules and simple classes to get the ball rolling. Face it if we want a National event. its we the Mini-z racers/enthusist have to put it together!!!!!

2002.08.25, 10:16 PM
I can get to candana in 15-20 mins from my house in Michigan. A lot of Canucks work at my job.................yes I have a job!!!!

2002.08.29, 05:35 PM
Well, we could certainly host them at the track we're working on here (the second version, not the initial test version). But first, let's get the rules figured out, is there anyone that would like to spearhead this effort?

2002.09.02, 12:17 AM
I can help with rules!!!!!!!!!!!!

first we need classes

what and how many

2002.09.16, 01:54 PM
this sounds like a great idea. But I would agree that organizing a single national tournament would be a bit grandiose taking into account peoples locations, schedules and lack of total financial freedom.

Perhaps modeling after the gran turismo game series would be an idea where races can be tailored to peoples locations. Start with regional tournaments ( west coast league, euro league, canadian league, central league, and east coast league) for example. The exact location being based on how popular miniZs are for that region. For example if so-cal is the mecca for minizs in the west coast, then a hobby store in so-cal would host that region’s tournament. And same goes for the other regions.

These leagues would meet once a year and the top winners of these regional meets would be invited to take part in a Gran Turismo World League where some pre-selected hobby store with a purpose built mega track would host a race for the best of the best. maybe Japan?!! (yeah, right)

Far fetched but I’m just thinking out loud.


2002.09.16, 02:08 PM
A skeleton to work from... asume that wich is in the class above is in the class below it...

Mini-Z Racing Classes

Part/Setting BoxStock RacingStock Intermediate Proffesional

Out of Box Stock
Use of stock parts available in ready set only.
Modifications are thus, limited to pinions from in the box.
* Retail carbon suspension plates allowed, to replace broken stock plate.

Racing Stock
Same as Box Stock, with the allowance of efficiency and strength addons.
Stock motor only, from a ready set, other motors or motor parts prohibited.
Alloy bulk heads
Alloy motor pods
Ball Bearings (Tires/Chassis)
Ball Differential
Lock Nuts
Alloy Rims
Any Grade Tire
14t or less pinion

Sub Modified
Same as Racing Stock, with the allowance of suspension devices, and retail modified motors.
Stock, X-Speed, or other retail mini-z motors, Turbos and ESC modifications prohobited.
Center Shock
Roll Shocks
Camber/Toe In Devices

Same as Sub Modified, with the allowance of custom wound and altered motors.
Stock, and any custom motor of the 130 can size, any larger motors are prohibited.

Anything Goes
Well, as long as its still a mini-z anything goes...

2002.09.16, 02:51 PM
wow drac. what an imagination. i would have three classes:

stock- fresh out the box. no mods. this is for those financially
strapped and/or less skilled

Xspeed motor only- this is the most accessable upgrade motor.
equalize the playing field down to skill and set up.
no turbo but no limits on other hop ups.

professional - for those not so financially strapped. your version
of anything goes. or maybe motors above and beyond the
xspeed. with/without turbo. Run your supermini
creation regardless of cost or modification (within the
limits of any set rules of course). i suppose
these would be the cars that would go on to the
GT world league.

2002.09.21, 06:01 PM
Sounds like a good start guys. Another thought - what if each local series used the same exact track, so for example people in MI could compare lap times to people in CA - since they are all running on the same track?

2002.09.23, 04:21 PM
Yes I agree there would have to be a standard track if there are to be regional to national to world events, but this would require an actual rules commitee........ hmmmmm I need some more thinking time

there should be 3 to 4 classes





2002.09.23, 04:53 PM
i think a tournament should be hosted by this site in michigan sometime. it could serve as a model for future regional meets depending on how successful it turns out. sorta like an HPI challenge gathering in mini form.


the possibities are endless!!

i'll sign up for the novice C mains :D

Having unified courses would be great. that way when i visit my folks in so-cal i'll be familiar with the track right off the bat.

2002.09.29, 11:21 AM
Cool, I'm working on it, will keep you posted!

2002.10.07, 11:45 PM
We'll have our Porta-Trax Prestige 28' foot track set up at the Canadian International Hobby Show on November 7-10 in Toronto.

Rather than trying to organize a "national" at this time, I would encourage any racers to come on out and try the track and give us feedback on its suitability for Nationals or various class events. This is to be seen as perhaps a "first step" in organizing a fully sponsored (i.e. us, Hobbico/Kyosho and perhaps this site) event that would draw proper media attention, get coverage in the major R/C racing mags ... and give the sport a shot of adrenaline with respect to publicity.

We are also talking with Hobbico (the official North American Kyosho distributor) and they are seriously thinking of buying a track to host official Mini-Z races and to take with them to their various exhibitions or shows. I'll know more on this by October 15th and will post if they decide to buy a track.

Finally, our company will be exhibiting at many of the major hobby shows in Northa America this year and 2003, including: The East Coast Hobby Show and HobbyVisions 2003, October 2003 in Las Vegas.

As we are alrady investing considerable dollars to exhibit at the show and/or partner with the shows so that they can use our tracks, it would be easy to also hold a properly sanctioned "National" event at that time, with the added benefit of the press that attends the shows.

Running at a show also affords lots of practice time, as the key to a fair nationals is giving all entrants lots of time to drive the track. As the major hobby shows are almost always 2 or 3 days, the first two days could be for open practive and the race would thus be on the last day of the show (usually a Sunday).

Anyway, I'm just throwing this idea out, as it seems a natural fit for our company to sponsor. I encourage all those within shouting distance of Toronto, to come out to the National show show in November and give our track a try. Track time is free for all those attend and it would be nice to meet some of you whom I only know in cyberspace.

2002.10.08, 07:18 AM
hmm. i'll have to see how far a drive it is from where i live in ohio to toronto. i'll keep nov 7-10 in mind.

btw. those look like connected squares. rubber mats perhaps put together like a puzzle. interesting concept

2002.10.08, 02:08 PM
A few of you have pointed to Detroit as a good site for a US Mini-Z nationals. As a Canadian, I like that, as its only a 4 hour drive from the main population centre in Toronto, and thus it could be truly an international event.

Moreover, if Detroit is picked as the site, our company would be willing to sponsor the track; all that would then be needed is a donated space for the venue and some organization from local enthusiasts.

So, with my sponsor's hat on, I vote for Detroit. (The following year we could try Vegas of Southern California, as there is also strong representation among the Mini-Z faithful from there.)

The AirAge/HobbiVisions (publisher's of RC Car Action) show is in Vegas October 9-12, 2003 and that ould make a excellent 2nd year site, with a strong opportunity to piggyback with respect to publicity, as they are expecting 25,000 people to this show and it is more consumer oriented thatn the Chicago show. They are also putting heavy media dollars behind this event, and as such, we've already been contacted about supplying tracks for some of the vendors.

So in sum: Detroit for 2002 and Vegas or Southern CA for 2004?
Wada ya think? If we can get any kind of consensus, there is certainly enough expertise and enthusiasum among the forum particpants and TinyRC to make this happen. But we better act soon, I know that Kyosho and Hobbico might be doing the same thing, and if so, we want to exclipse them and if possible trademark the name of the event inorder to establish it in non-copyable format that can run year after year.

Suggestions for the name of the event? (i.e International Mini Grand Prix, North American Mini Grand Prix.)

Do we need sanctioning from ROAR or other offical body and if so, who really is "in charge' of this segment of RC cars.

Lots of questions to which your input is needed to make such an event a success. Please post answers and suggestions below.


2002.10.08, 03:34 PM
there's only a few months remaining in 2002 so any chances of an event this year i imagine will be slim and if so, limited to local enthusiasts. with the winter holidays approaching, the closer we get, the slimmer the chances of hosting anything.

an initial organized event is definately in order. i agree we should at least meet once in michigan - either ann arbor or detroit to test the waters. true the possibilities are endless for international events however i feel one organized event will be a catalyst for further planning at other national and perhaps international levels depending on how it goes.

just my 2 cents.

mini Z modifier
2002.10.08, 07:35 PM
hey. how about MN next year. it could be in the summer or autem.:D :D :D

2002.10.09, 07:17 AM
what's a minnesota? :D just kidding.

the USGP in september. that's the ticket!

mini Z modifier
2002.10.09, 07:20 PM
it would be pretty awesome to have mini Z nationals in minnesota in the fall because all the cool colors of leaves and stuff.i ;) :D :D ;)

2002.10.14, 11:21 AM
Originally posted by mini-z
Sounds like a good start guys. Another thought - what if each local series used the same exact track, so for example people in MI could compare lap times to people in CA - since they are all running on the same track?

Oh my gosh did I think of that!!!:p
Instead of car classes we could have track classes. Say a track in MI is to big for the place(Or cost's to much) in CA. MI could be one division and CA could be another division. So theres one division with larger more expensive tracks and one division with smaller less expensive tracks. There could be more then on Division too.
And to make them Official you'd have to post pics So no one cheat's.

Hope that's not to bad of a idea.:)

2002.10.14, 11:57 AM
Hmm... I think he just means that we all have the same design of track. It would mean that we'd be able to pretend like we're all in the same room together.

2002.10.15, 10:16 PM
Yes I know what he meant( See my post long time ago in this Thread). Maybe I didn't say that right. Well no time to fix it gotta go.;)

2002.10.15, 10:41 PM
Originally posted by lornecherry
A few of you have pointed to Detroit as a good site for a US Mini-Z nationals. As a Canadian, I like that, as its only a 4 hour drive from the main population centre in Toronto, and thus it could be truly an international event.

Moreover, if Detroit is picked as the site, our company would be willing to sponsor the track; all that would then be needed is a donated space for the venue and some organization from local enthusiasts.

So, with my sponsor's hat on, I vote for Detroit. (The following year we could try Vegas of Southern California, as there is also strong representation among the Mini-Z faithful from there.)

Well, since we are based out of Metro Detroit, this would be great, and it would be easy for us to organize a local venue rather than somewhere halfway across the country! Cool!

2002.10.16, 07:55 AM
can't wait for the big announcement. how's the track issue coming along by the way?

mini Z modifier
2002.10.20, 09:11 PM
hey guys. i read in RC CAR ACTION that there will be a "MINI Z TOURNAMENT" in SAN Jose, CALIFORNIA. the tournament is in somtime 2003.;)

2002.10.20, 11:43 PM
hey MZM where have you been?

2002.10.21, 07:02 AM
looks like i'll be taking my 2 week vacation in san jose next year

mini Z modifier
2002.10.21, 07:16 AM
ive just been in the mini rc fourums. im into mini 4wds so then i wasnt really liking my minbi Z anymore but now im liking the mini Z alot. ive liked my mini 4wd alot since i got it about 2 months ago. ;)