View Full Version : im new and heres My car

2005.02.03, 02:39 PM
hey everyone as you know im new and never had they chance to show you guys (and gurls) my car so here she is

it has...
Atomic racing grooved tires (rear) 10 degree
Atomic racing slick tires (front) 10 degree
Ferrari 575M Maranello GlossCoat AutoScale Body
Toe in & Out Steering Rod (Aluminum) (blue)
Main Damper (blue)
Clear Kyosho Skeleton
Front Springs (yelllow)
Front Spring Up & Down Adjustable Post (blue)
Main Damper Optional Spring (blue)
2mm Aluminum Lock Nut - Titanium
King Pins (aluminum gold)
ball bearings
CF H plates
3 racing ball diff.
PN speedy practice motor

right now its broke (front knuckle) :( things to come are a 2x3 stack from the shop and a S03 (i wont blow the stack right?)


2005.02.03, 02:47 PM
nice! 2x3 is fine for an s03...could even go to an s04 if you wanted

2005.02.03, 04:14 PM
Those kingpins are great. Even better than stainless steel. Who makes those? 3racing?

BTW, that gold coating is called titanium nitride.

2005.02.03, 04:24 PM
yup 3racing they are VERY strong....ahhh i just broke my ball diff. i have to stop racing hard :rolleyes:

2005.02.03, 04:35 PM
Not worried so much about the "strong" as the "smooth". Those things really free up your front suspension.

2005.02.03, 04:55 PM
yea actually they are smooth , they are awesome compared to the stock ones , what are the stock ones made out of? they are kinda gritty?

2005.02.03, 06:30 PM
Chassis looks good. Try some gpm, kyosho alloy knuckles. That body needs some decals now.

2005.02.03, 06:38 PM
Stock ones are made of mild steel. The have an awful finish. You can sand them down fine grit sandpaper and polish them, but it's easier to just get stainless steel kingpins or the titanium nitride ones you have.

Keep in mind that aluminum knuckles make you break other steering components. The knuckles are the easiest things to replace... :)

2005.02.03, 06:39 PM
yea , i think i may order a GPM ball diff. 1/16 ", GPM 0 degree knuckles and maybe GPM battery heat sinks and tie rod plate holder :cool: all blue btw

2005.02.03, 06:52 PM
Keep the kyosho ball diff in mind, they seem to be the best.

2005.03.23, 06:51 PM
And some Ni-mh's