View Full Version : Lamar and I are in the same boat.

2005.02.03, 10:59 PM
I stopped at Coolidge Park to mess around with my Evader. He met a light pole at full speed and snapped the front left control arm and the end of the oil shock. But luckily for me, all graphite parts on the Evader Pro have a 1 year warranty. Unlike Lamar, I will send my broke parts off tomorrow. :p

2005.02.04, 08:18 AM
Thats the worst part about RC....breaking things :mad:

2005.02.04, 06:02 PM
But the best part is working across the parking lot from the LHS. ;) 15 bucks later, I've got a big bag of spare parts. Granted they're all plastic instead of graphite, so I'm going to put a strip of masking tape on that control arm and write "Not Graphite".