View Full Version : Round 3 of series race

2005.02.05, 09:05 PM
Great fun again guys.We had 30 plus cars again.The competition was tighter than ever.Standings will be posted on THRC site soon. www.teamhoustonrc.com

2005.02.07, 09:04 AM
Standings are posted.ck them at above link to web site

Q ball
2005.02.07, 04:35 PM
Great racing Saturday! Boy I had fun!

One question for clarification. To get away from the stock radio, its my understanding I need to get an AM radio on 27 band. Is that correct?

2005.02.07, 06:09 PM
Yes.this is possible with any highend radio that offers an AM 27 module.Mars has it I know for sure and listed on this websites shop are a couple of others for other radio,s.Maybe in the misc section?? Man you go to one practice and your allready given me a hard time at the race.Very good job!

Q ball
2005.02.10, 08:42 AM
Are lexan bodies allowed in any of the classes? if yes, is it just open class or super stock as well?

2005.02.11, 08:30 AM
In the open class only.

Q ball
2005.02.11, 08:46 AM
Thanks for the answer Madman! I won't make it this weekend, but I'll see you next Saturday at the races.