View Full Version : Practice Fri night the 11th and Sat aft the 12th

2005.02.07, 09:10 AM
Track will be set up again this weekend.It will be larger yet.Fri night 6 till 9 and Sat 10 till 4.This is the Spring branch area of Houston.More info at www.teamhoustonrc.com or 713-817-8035.We,ve been having large turnouts and great fun so come on out.The RCP track is awesome.

2005.02.13, 05:03 PM
Fun was had by all.Lap times were in the low 9,s high 8,s.Fairly easy track made this possible.Had about 7 racers Fri night and 10 or so Sat.This has a 3 tiles wide on all straights and then the infeild section.Thanks to RCP for such an awesome track thru minizracer web site.

2005.02.13, 05:45 PM
WOW !! Very nice track. Only 7-10 racers though ? Thats kewl. As long as everybody had a great time, thats all that matters :)

2005.02.13, 07:52 PM
Usually we have a few more guys at once but with offering 2 different times now some opt for the Fri night deal. We get bigger every week though so its all good.