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2002.02.27, 07:12 PM
Any one have a way to see if they realy do anything? Although my tests were just holding it in my hand and listening for a sound pitch change while removing and replaceing the external magnets I didnt realy notice anything "better".

I will say that the magnets I got were REALY stong ;), but they are smaller then the Squat set... would likely need 3 for ever one of the magnets in the squat set.

Any way here is 2 pics of the magnets I got surplus style...

They ARE small ;)

They ARE strong ;)

2002.02.27, 08:33 PM
Hey Drac,

Have you tried running with and without them? Maybe you could try a miniture dragstrip sort of thing. I guess it would be hard to tell if torque and power is increased due to the fact that we're not sitting in the car. But I'm extremely interested in how these external magnets perform.


2002.02.28, 03:40 PM
I'm not sure if you would hear a difference, as the Squats don't add any top end, they add torque and alter the powerband. Btw Drac, I'll try to get to your emails about this, sorry for the delay, I've been insanely busy!

2002.02.28, 06:31 PM
Well I ran them today... my stock motor (wtih 4 of my magnets) Mini-Z was keeping up and passing a X Speed Z ;) on a 1:10 scale course -- HOWEVER the Xspeed had stock tires etc... and could not keep forward traction so the only reason I was keeping up is cuz his car was facing the wall due to many different problems with the track and car... when he floored it next to my car he had lots more power, but no control... I had my model car tires, wich surpisingly allowed me to hold the throttle max, and just go around the track with out letting go and not too many taps on the wall (nice wide open curves on 1/10 scale hehe) and both of our Diffs were totaly shot.. so still a bad test.

The magnets apear to help, but it still seems slow.. I still need bearings and a ball diff and lock nuts etc for my car.

To further the test I removed the magnets and went to race, and my gear diff totaly gave out.. its useless now so I realy did not get to compare the magnets with a few laps of no magnets, but it does apear to add an itty bitty bit of oomph. The next magnets I order will the be the next step up... these I can use in 4's but have other uses for them... I keep plaing with them cant put them down :D (the magnets).

To see any difference though I would need a torq tester, or a better Mini-Z to test them on then my own.

2002.02.28, 09:36 PM
Drac, I'll follow up in email, but we've got plenty of cars to test them with if you can send us the sample. Plus then we can compare to the Squats.

2002.03.03, 06:28 PM
hey drac,

if you would need another tester, i could give them a run.... i could buy two or three sets from you and i'll give it a whirl........ my Z is mainly handling modified with suspension, bearings, and ball diff..... the motors alwaz been stock so any increase in torque or hp should be noticed........ it's just a thought...... let me know if you need my help.....


2002.03.03, 09:51 PM
Dang I wish I took pics of this before I put it all back together, my home made motor clip isnt the esiest thing to get on and off with larger pinions and their spacers installed ;)... any way what I did was took the 1.5mm spacer plate that goes under the motor, and I put 5 holes in it.. had I done it better I could have fit like 8 or 10 holes... and in the little holes I push fitted 5 of my magnets in them... hehe 5 hidden magnets UNDER the motor ;) -- (stock motor mount) -- if I had a stock motor clip I could likely easily fit 4 or so in the clip or spacer...

so they do have an advantage over the squats being smaller.

They do apear to help... but I just cant tell how much with out being able to measure it some how... Iwill guess that its less then a 2% improvement with only 2 magnets...

But if you want some just email draconious@comcast .net -- I still have to go through my email history and find all the emails that asked about the magnets.. might be needle in hay sack search so any one that asked... ask again (same with my susp plates) :).

Their true size is 3mm DIA. x 1.5mm thick

2002.03.04, 12:33 AM
hey draconius,
i was just thinking...
placing the magnets where the spacers are,
you are magnetizing the can where there are no magnets....
as well, by magnetizing only one side,
would you be unbalancing the magnetic field?
from the squat magnet pics, it seemed that the magnets
pretty much acted to increase the magnetism of the existing internal magnets since they are attached where the internal
magnets are, at the sides of the can and not at the top and
bottom of the can :)
just a thought......
or is it even more ideal for a motor to be totally surrounded by
magnets? if that's so...then a top and bottom magnet like you
have would be even better ;)
hehe....tell us how it goes....

2002.03.04, 11:44 AM
Drac: You have Mail!

2002.03.04, 07:30 PM
bbc5 is correct, it sounds like you have them in the wrong spots, Drac, they should be in the curved section of the can (where the magnets are inside) otherwise they are probably hindering the motor's performance!

2002.03.04, 08:56 PM
Does not apear to matter were I put them... has same effect... but the spacer plate was just a test to see if they would fit.. any way. The true goal is to put holes in the motor pod itself... wich I dont realy want to do to my only motor pod. So for now they are kinda in the gap on my home made alum motor clip.

2002.03.04, 09:01 PM
Hrm, with the Squats it makes a big difference where you put them. If they're not on the can's magnets then they slow you down!

2002.03.04, 09:29 PM
wich is why I say these dont do "squat" hehe... I am not ordering these in bulk... if you tell me the diameter of the squat magnets I will order those.. almost the same price if they are the size i think they are... just give me closest fraction of inch etc.. dont need calipers just grab a scale and measure it.

2002.03.04, 09:49 PM
Approx. 5mm.

2002.03.05, 03:41 AM
what are the, im guessing resistors for?

2002.03.05, 11:39 AM
On my motor? the capacitors? interferance prevention, but my big one just broke off ;) too much rough handling trying to move it to fit magnets in various places... but they just reduce motor interferance that gets in the way of the transmitter signal some times... but since I fixed my antenna the big capacitor isnt realy missed much ;)

2002.03.12, 07:39 AM
doh!! i just read this, lol thanx for making fun of my driving there drac,lol j/k. Anyways those big magnets that i have, which are about an inch long, do work with the stock motor but not at all with the x-speed. I could hear the motor crankin out more rpms but they were so big that i couldnt fit them on the can with the motor clip on. I know this may be way off but, has anyone tried to put a magnet on the end of the armature where it sticks out the back side of the can. I doubt it will do anything but if the armature has a bit of a charge it might speed it up, or would it just mess up the brushes right inside the can? sorry im 100 miles from my mini z right now and i really dont wanna go out and spend the little bit of canadian cash that i have on magnets to try them on my fiance's mini z.

2002.03.12, 12:27 PM
a few days ago I was tinkering with my magnets and motors, wasnt not using my Mini-Z motor though...

For the first test...

I pulled the stock magnets out of another 130 motor can, and put it back together with no magnets, obviously the motor is now dead... then to see if my magnets were doing anything, I stuck 2 on each round side of this motor can, gave motor a 9V feed direct from a half used 9 volt battery... motor did nothing but spark ;) -- I made sure magnets were facing in right direction, and it still did it... ok I tried 4 and then 6 on each side, nothing...

so I figured lots of room inside ;)... opened the can up, stuck 4 of them on the inside of the round side of the can... no stock magnets still... motor spun up REALY REALY SLOW... and eventualy got REALY REALY fast :) so I had almost no torq but lots of RPM... so I tried 7 on each side (14 total) almost acted like a stock motor, but still slower acceleration... so still a loss of torq...

Next I pulled all the magnets out, so again no magnets... then I put 4 on each side, way up infront of the can, pushed them all they way in... then Put the stock magnets back in :) so I had stock plus 8 magnets, hidden up in the front on the other side of the stock magnets... this motor spun up realy fast, and sounded much faster as well... however I forgot to match the polarities on these magnets so it probly wasnt doing its best...

Using my small magnets I could probly cram 16, maybe 2 or 4 more... inside the motor can... my guess is they were too small for their stronger portion of their magnetic field to actualy reach the armature... reason I thought they were not doing anything... moving them inside the can helped by making them closer, and less metal etc in the way to block them... so my small magnets do have a use... cant wait till I find the stronger ones of the same size ;).

I have yet to try this on my Mini-Z motor, so results should be better, since the motor I tested it on kinda sucked.. and did not spin nearly as fast as the MIni-Z motor with no load @ 9v (more like 7.8v from the 9v battery).

I had a source for slightly bigger magnets, and stronger versions of my 3mm magnets... but they no longer have any. -- time to search again ;).

2002.03.23, 10:45 AM
Are those neodyniums? How much did you get them for?

2002.03.23, 11:28 AM
Drac Putting your magnets in your motor, sounds interesting idea....;) ;) ;) :D :D :D :cool: :rolleyes:

Yes the magnets are neodynium magnets they are N35 grade.
They are also nickel coated to protect them.

You can buy them from Drac's website Drac's magnets (http://mywebpages.comcast.net/draconious/Mini-Z/4SaleTrade.html)

2002.03.23, 12:27 PM
Well my source allthough saying he will get me N48 at a special bulk price, has stopped responding to emails and calls etc... so I probly wont be getting any more... the last comments I got from them were we are ording more etc... the magnets I am ordering are not realy for the Mini-Z I am ordering them for another project.. that needs a lot, hmm as well as maybe put some in my track set to aline the walls etc.. who knows.

Its hard to order directly from the Manufacturer too, they never want anything to do with you once they find out your not from a company, regardless if your going to buy a few 1000 or not. -- this goes for bearings, magnets, motor cans, lots of stuff I've been looking for...

2002.03.24, 06:49 PM
FYI we'll be getting some of the proper Squat Mini-Z ones in soon.

2002.03.24, 07:03 PM
Well any case, I put 12 of them INSIDE my Mini-Z motor can... and well eh.. it kinda hauls ass now... :) using the 9T pinion still accelerates like the 6T... stock motor, have yet to try it on an X-SPeed, and my motor only pulls .5A so it didnt increase the Amps much if any... --- the trick was to get them CLOSER to the armeture, and to keep their poles all facing the same way... as if they were one big magnet, reversing them would like kinda sheild the field a bit.. thus just wasting it and probly causing magnetic drag.

Been meaning to goto riders on THURS mini-z but I know dang well the one day I go, will be the day your not there ;) going to be there this week or next just incase I go? ;).

2002.03.24, 07:28 PM
Drac, I go just about every week, email me to double check just in case.