View Full Version : calling out for sg ppl!

2002.02.27, 11:25 PM
can everyone just post to say hi so that we all know who is local

does anyone know where to get some electric motor cleaner?

2002.02.28, 12:54 AM

new to mini stuff. i find them rather problematic..interm of performance and expensive parts.

i'm going on to micro RS4 instead... but if there is a track then see you there pal.


S.C Speed Racer
2002.03.16, 01:26 AM
Hi fuse,

They r not as problematic as u think, coz actually the fun part abt playin mini-z is not only how u control'em but also how u devote ur time experimenting the modification and specifications of the car. ;)

We should be done and ready to open by Mid-end march, maybe u cld come dwn n chck it out 4 urself, but sorry i think RS4 is too large to run on our mini-z track