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2001.11.19, 11:08 PM
hey drac. could you try to repair my mini z main board? i would appreciate it alot gimmi some info i will send it to you please help me. I am going to see if i can work a trade with mini z since i think the main board is total toast.

2001.11.19, 11:27 PM
My soldering skills are new, but they seem decent, would be better if I had a hotter iron, I recently modified/fixed mine so next time I solder I will see if it conducts heat better...

I am also not sure if I could fix someting THAT small... and you would have to find the parts wich burnt, and replace them... maybe some one at the track would buy it, I would if I needed it right now.

But who knows maybe it didnt actualy burn and theres some other problem with a broken wire or someing simpler.

Can u tell what blew out?

Mini-Z is probly closer too you ;). My mode of transportation is currently disabled.

2001.11.19, 11:30 PM
i have no idea what is wrong, the wires seem ok i just dont understand it, i am used to the nitro scene with engines ect.

2001.11.19, 11:40 PM
Anything that dont look like its supose to be black, with black scaring on it? ;)

And my AOLIM is on... same name as here.

2001.11.20, 05:14 AM
cool site drac!!!

2001.11.20, 10:15 AM
no burned marks at all, it like gets no power at all to it.

2001.11.20, 02:14 PM
well maybe you'll get even luckier and find out the batteries your using are not completely touching the power tabs.... look closely at each of the 4 button ends, make sure they are all touching the metal thing, some cells the tabs dont reach, unless u spin the cell around etc.

Check the power switch? ;) hey ya never know!
first thing I ask when troublshooting ppls PCs.

Does the servo at least twitch when its on? Kinda hard to blow it all out at once, forward reverse, and steering. You would have had to like dunk it in salt water or someting ;).

What thread did u say what first happen to it, what u did to it? going to look for it as I submit this one.

Have you taken it apart a lot? if so wich parts, have u gone far enough to see the under side of the circut board? (prior to it not working).

thnx herman ;) hehe

2001.11.20, 06:50 PM
Like almost all the wires broke off when i changed the chassis. I soldered them on correct. When i connect the batteries the coils get orangeish red. then i put regular batteries in and yet nothing happens. Would you like me to ship the broken board to you. I have a HUGE feeling is broken :(

2001.11.20, 08:03 PM
ah wires broke off? did u accidently drip solder on it etc?
maybe the batteries are in backwards etc.. Soldering has heat problems if u get certain parts on the board too hot you ruin them.

And you say Then regular batteries, what are the NON regular batteries?
NEVER MIX Alkalines NiMH NICAD in any way shape or form
NEVER MIX BRANDS of batteries
NEVER MIX MaH ratings of batteries.
All of the above will result in a rather unpleasant supprise.

By orangeish, do u mean its getting so hot that its glowing!? IF this is the case, whatever you do do NOT put batteries in it again ;). something is wired backwards.

I could try, if you think its as good as garbage now, burnt beyond all recognition an attempt at repair couldnt hurt anything. The only problem I have with doing so is, I have this thing about giving my address to people online... :) I just dont.

If u have a digi cam try to get a picture of the board...

2001.11.20, 08:09 PM
has it ever worked after you switched the chassis? What it could be, that many people do once or twice, is get the red & black power wires mixed with the reassemble the car. I'm talking about the wires that get held in place by the piece that pokes the 2 plastic prongs through the circuit board by where the motor wires screw down, the 2 wires that are at the bottom back corners of the chassis. Make sure the red (positive) wire is on the spur-gear side of the chassis, & the black (negative) wire is on the non spur-gear side of the chassis.


2001.11.20, 08:41 PM
drac. if you go to riders in yipsy the 29 i will gladley give it you there then u can try to repair it and the either ship it back to me or give it to me in petrson

2001.11.20, 08:52 PM
Well like some of my other posts on here say, my breaks are out on mytruck and although there are other cars I could barrow that are not mine, they are usualy being used... and dont get back late (after they get off work). I could use my truck to get there, but I wouldnt be able to stop when I got there ;).

Its also 2hrs away, in a place I have no idea where it is etc.. but it will be after my B-day so maybe I will have money to spend on MZ parts... for once.

So right now do not count on me being there, but I will still try and see what I can do, as I get closer to fixing my Z, this itch to race its getting stronger. The ppl at riders, might be able to do as good, or better job then me... plus u could mail it to the Kyosho service place... they've been good about fixing other ppls, but they only responded to one of my Emails about mine, then never replied to the rest... They might even replace it, with any luck no charge.

2001.11.20, 08:58 PM
Wojo, did you try contacting Kyosho to see if they'd fix it, maybe even under warranty?

2001.11.20, 09:00 PM
i e-mailed them and they got back to me pretty quick saying since i dont have all original documents they cant repair it.

2001.11.20, 09:02 PM
That sucks (AOLIM would probly quicker then this ;) hehe) (I tried but says not available)

In my first email I said that I bougt it online... they were going to fix it, but then I waited another month... probly why they did not reply to my send volley of emails. Thats what originaly caused me to go nuts making my own parts and tinkering with my z, after all they would have just made it back to its breakable state again.