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2005.02.13, 06:06 PM
Here is my Dodge Viper GTS-R Mini-Z. It has:

Alloy motor mount(Purple anodized)
Alloy rear oil-filled shock(Purple anodized)
Ball Differential(gold)
X-Speed (6t pinion)
Upgrade wires from an RC10 (1/10 scale car)
Chrome plastic rims
Upgrade tires 50 degree front and rear
Drilled open the roof scoop (actually works!!)

please let me know what you think of my car

2005.02.13, 07:52 PM
pics are WAY too blurry, hurts my eyes to look at them, need some better pics

2005.02.13, 09:15 PM
yea, srry for that, my camera is kinda crappy, ill try to get some pics with my moms camera.

2005.02.13, 09:29 PM
50 tires? guess its a shelf queen...

2005.02.13, 09:57 PM
what do you mean "i guess its a shelf queen"?

2005.02.13, 10:02 PM
he means that those tires are not good for racing... :rolleyes:

2005.02.14, 09:01 AM
oh,ok. i didnt buy them to race with i bought them cuz i read that the higher the number the less grip, and i wanted to drift without having tape on the tires, and these work great on my kitvchen floor. if i wanna race ill use the stock ones,perfect for my street since there arn't many club or tracks around me.......the closest onewould probably be in daly city, but i cant drive yet (7 more months til i get my permit)

2005.02.14, 09:43 AM
yeah blurry but looks cool. Pretty easy to drift with those 50g's?

2005.02.14, 11:43 PM
its way easy to drift with the 50's, i think a lil too much for linolium (Sp?) but may wok good on my street for some drifting. the stock moto has MUCH MUCH MORE more torque than i expected. i think that 40 or 45 degree tires would be easier to control a drift.

2005.02.27, 05:27 PM
Pretty nice car, but isn't it an iWaver?

2005.03.17, 03:15 PM
I am repaiting one exactly like it. Mettalic British racing green with 2 silver stripes.

mini-z racing
2005.03.17, 04:08 PM
i did a few diffrent kind of viper body's but i messed some of them up, also there isnt any tracks near you?

Kevman, i did one that i masked the white racing strips off and painted the rest of it a metallic green it came out nice.

2005.03.17, 05:07 PM
i read about one in daly city, but i cant drive yet (jus turned 15 today!), but i was hoping to get a ride down there sometime.

and i just painted my car a dark metallic blue, i will post pics when i get some batteries for my camera.

2005.03.17, 06:13 PM
I'll post before and after pictures with a real camera... It was quite messy, I had put stickers on the car before and used a knife to scrape them off.. I have to prime it, paint it silver, tape it, then paint it again...

mini-z racing
2005.03.17, 06:54 PM
Kevman, what color body did it come as?

Supradrifter3R, Happy birthday.

2005.03.17, 08:03 PM
Red with white stripes but its smashed up pretty badly.

2005.03.18, 11:08 AM
I primed the Viper today with Scratch filler and Primer, 2 in 1, after that dries I will apply the Silver, then the tape for the single, offset stripe, and will the add the green, And the 4 layers of clear coat.