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2005.02.15, 10:57 PM
Hey Yall, mw and steve are going to race at the courts on thursday, if interested about all out speed and spanking the Subaru.... see you thursday.

2005.02.16, 04:54 AM
man, just drag his butt up to the track, ;) we could use another racer :D

2005.02.16, 07:56 AM
I wil be at the rec center....This is something we have to keep going so we dont loose the room

2005.02.16, 01:59 PM
That's true, Fred. We'll have to do a Friday or Saturday court race.

2005.02.16, 02:23 PM
Im sure we can work something out...Im not sure you could get Shaun to drive up for racing at the courts. And isnt he one of the reasons to try to change the days anyways?

2005.02.16, 02:26 PM
Oh yeah. :rolleyes: Well then we could race the rec center on Saturday's and race the courts on Thursday's. Besides, won't there be more people at the rec center on Saturday's? That way, we'd be more likely to grow.

I tell ya what, if I had some color ink for my printer, I'd print out a sign for the door that says when we race and where. A lil more professional.

I reckon I'll go roll some old ladies so I can get money for colored ink.

2005.02.16, 02:39 PM
Type it up and email me...I got ink ;)

2005.02.16, 11:47 PM
Aight cool, lemme get to work. What's your email? I'll send it when I'm done.

2005.02.17, 12:22 AM
OK, I wrote that the races are on Thursday, but I did it in MSPaint, so it'll be easy to change it. I just need your email, Fred, and it's on its way.

2005.02.17, 06:55 AM
I thought you already had it when we swaped cell numbers


2005.02.17, 11:55 AM
Nope. :rolleyes: My computer is as forgetful as I am. :o

2005.02.17, 11:58 AM
If you want to email now I can print from work and bring a few with me

2005.02.17, 12:02 PM
Email sent boyakasha. :cool:

2005.02.17, 12:10 PM
Looks great Eric!

Printing Started....

2005.02.17, 03:36 PM
Coo. :cool: