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2005.02.17, 09:36 PM
Well kids, I've beat around the bush (litterally and figuratively) for quite a while and now the big day is upon us. Tomorrow, Friday the 18th, I'ma gonna ask that there lady of mine to gimme that there finger of her's to put this here ring of mine on it and git hitched.

Tomorrow night, I'm taking her out to dinner, then to the symphony. I'ma gonna give 'er the ring after a nice drive along the edge of one of the mountains around here; on an overlook above the whole city.

Now here's the dilemma, I've got a super pimp 3-piece gray/slate pinstripe suit and a couple fancy shirts and ties.

Which shirt/tire should I wear?
White shirt; French cuffs & black tie
Lilac shirt with darker matching tie

The white shirt/black tie is a lot more formal, but she does really like the lilac and darker tie; she says "oo dats so secksi". Whaddya'll think?

2005.02.17, 10:00 PM
congrats :D

sorry i can't help on the fashion.... i haven't bought cloths for myself in over 2 years, kids :rolleyes:

2005.02.17, 10:07 PM
Thanks, arch. Funny you should post, I was just digging through your gallery trying to find the light bar how-to. It's pic #204, in case anyone asks. ;)

2005.02.17, 10:09 PM
but she does really like the lilac and darker tie; she says "oo dats so secksi". Whaddya'll think?

This is the one

2005.02.17, 10:25 PM
That's what I'm thinking; it's a week after V Day, and the 18th is also our year and 1/2 anniversary, so yeah, I reckon I'll do one thing she might like tomorrow. :p

2005.02.18, 06:45 AM
:D Keep us posted.

2005.02.18, 08:27 AM
If it's not too late, try to find a tie with mini-Z's on it. :D

For the rest ... good luck and keep us posted!!!!

2005.02.18, 08:54 AM
you gotta wear what she likes...better chance se'll say yes :p . Though I'd reccommend at least a new tie for the occasion...

2005.02.18, 11:40 AM
you gotta wear what she likes...
Diamonds? ;)

2005.02.18, 11:44 AM
oh...and I'd refrain from refering to your self as a "playa'"...it may give her the wrong impression. pimp may not be a good idea either :p

2005.02.18, 02:29 PM
I've been looking for a Mini Z tie anyway. :D Naw, I treat her right, I'm no true playa, I gotta work my ass off to just keep up with her. :o

2005.02.19, 10:50 AM
It's a done deal. The lilac shirt wins again. The rock has landed. :cool:

2005.02.19, 01:19 PM
nice!! congrats ;)

2005.02.19, 01:21 PM
Congrats to ya!

2005.02.19, 01:32 PM
Ill be the first one to say it Congrats! :p

2005.02.19, 04:56 PM
Way ta go Eric ;) I knew you had it in ya :p

McLaren F1 T3
2005.02.19, 11:29 PM
congrrrrrrats! :D

2005.02.19, 11:30 PM
Thanks all. I reckon I'll race my Pink Audi TT at the next race night in honor. ;)

2005.02.20, 11:22 AM
congrats! welcome to the club ;)

2005.02.22, 10:08 AM
congrats! It'll time to start your own z team soon :p