View Full Version : Round 4 this weekend

2005.02.18, 08:47 PM
Just a reminder for any locals that might catch this round 4 this weekend at M&M in Bellaire 10 till ??The room has been enlarged so it won,t be so crowded.We run stock,super stock,open and F1

Q ball
2005.02.21, 09:35 AM
Great day of racing! Too much fun. Is this really allowed by law?

2005.02.28, 10:03 PM
im the local with an xmod but i finally got a mini z diablo black.yo should know me i won b-main and got 5th in a main with the rental mini-z my names Taze.Reply back

2005.03.02, 04:09 PM
We know ya taz.Good job.We,re racing again this weekend