View Full Version : Any places to race in Westchester County, whats the location of HKS racing like?

2005.02.19, 11:56 AM
I live in Westchester County NY. About 20 minutes out of the city if you take metro north. Theres alot of talk of people racing in the city, and out on the island. But little racing in westchester, or suffolk county.

Do any of the people that go down to HKS live in westchester, or close to it? Are there any other places to race other than HKS?

Second, where is HKS. is it deep in the city, manhattan, bronx... is this somewhere you have to drive to, or you can take the subway.

2005.02.19, 12:17 PM
hks is at 96 canal st a block away from the manhattan bridge. i drive there and park in a lot around the block. i'm not sure how to get there using the subway. they hold races every friday night and once in a while we get together on saturday afternoons. if you look in my gallery you'll see a pic of the track.