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Tom Thumb Hobby
2005.02.22, 11:32 PM
http://www.tomthumbhobbies.com/reports/fall-plaque.jpg http://www.tomthumbhobbies.com/reports/fall-prizes.jpg

Congratulations to the winners of the Tom Thumb Hobbies Fall 2004 Mini-Z Series. As always the competition was fierce but friendly. We are already one race into our next series and the racing is just as close and exciting as ever. Here are the trophy winners in each class:

Luke Richards - 108
David Pollner - 102
Ed Hayman - 73


Dustin Richards - 130
John Paul Richards - 96
Rebekah Richards - 91

Dustin Richards - 119
Jason Vicars - 97
John Vallo - 93


Dustin Richards - 119
John Vallo - 113
Jason Vicars - 76

Thanks to Kyosho and Great Planes we had many other nice prizes to award including a complete Mini-Z ReadySet. We decided to make the ReadySet the "IRONMAN" award - ie. who ever earned the most total points in any and all classes they entered. By looking at the results you will notice that Dustin Richards was the undisputed IRONMAN. Congrats Dustin!!

We at Tom Thumb Hobbies would like to thank all the racers for particpating in our series and making it some of the beat Mini-Z competition in the USA.

Follow this link for the complete results listing. (http://www.tomthumbhobbies.com/reports/standings.html)

mini-z racing
2005.02.23, 09:37 AM
Wow, Im not from there but, those look really nice

2005.02.23, 10:59 AM
I need to give a shout out to Mike at Tom Thumb for a great series. Great racing, trophies, prizes, and people. Just an overall well run set of races. We were just missing a trophy girl. :D So just a little room for improvment. If anyone is in the Columbus area with a Z you should check it out. Or not in the area but want to drive to Columbus for some GREAT racing I encourage you to check us out and join us.


2005.02.23, 12:46 PM
glad to hear your series is doing well. it's a shame your 6-8 hours away or i would drive out there again :p

2005.02.23, 11:44 PM
hmm... any news on west1??? aka abe???
is he still around? say hi to him for me when you see him...

2005.02.28, 06:18 PM
Dustin, I want to get a few sets of cells from you before the next race. I'll try to email you just in case you don't get this in time. :)